5 Ways to Avoid Being a Boring B2B Marketer

B2B marketing doesn’t have to be boring.

As a tech-focused marketer, my inbox frequently falls victim to dozens and dozens of vendor solicitations. Often, they’ve lost me halfway through the subject line. But B2B marketing doesn’t have to be boring or confusing. Marketers have lives outside the office and experience and appreciate good content and good writing just like anyone else. Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind when you’re talking to other marketers like yourself.

1. Say that again, please?

Your audience may have varying levels of technical acumen. Don’t bog down your subject lines or lead-ins with tons of tech speak or multi-tiered messages because it often falls flat. Keep it simple and get to the point. “Get more ROI from your marketing” sounds a whole lot better than “Discover SAAS tools that leverage data science across channels to help you gain insights and increase revenue from your cross-screen digital efforts”.

2.  Give them something of value.

You are asking a busy professional to give up some of their time for you. Enhancing your email marketing or display or even TV and CTV with video, an exclusive report or something else of real value is a better offer than a straight-up sales email. Let them get to know what you’re offering so you can build and nurture the relationship.

3.  Short-form content rules.

Marketing teams are getting younger and attention spans are getting shorter. White papers and long-form content has its place but videos and infographics get to the point faster, are more easily digestible, and more likely to make an impression at first glance.

4. Make it personal, not creepy.

Sending an unsolicited sales email is expected. Including personal details like their alma mater and their favorite team is not – and it’s not welcomed. Keep things professional until you’ve established a relationship with a prospect. You’re not looking to add a Facebook friend, you’re looking to make a sale. 

5.  Know your medium.

There are more marketing channels than ever before. So use them all wisely. Or don’t use them all at all. A tech company may not have a lot to say on Snap or TikTok and that’s okay. YouTube and Social may be a better way to make your video shine and acquisition email is still a really effective, cost-effective and important way to introduce yourself to a prospective customer.

Attention spans are short. People often react to a message within 3-5 seconds. Make sure you’re giving them something to react to positively.

About the author

Will Kunkel is the VP of Marketing at Stirista. He has worked on both the agency and brand side across b2b, b2c, and d2c and even ran his own NYC-based agency. In his downtime, Will is usually cooking or working out with the occasional break to argue with his wife and three boys about the Knicks’ playoff chances.

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