Case Study / Financial Services

Stirista's Acquisition Email Delivers 130% Increase In Conversions

This leading U.S. sports betting and casino digital payments provider is the convenient digital payment choice for resorts, lottery, and sports platforms. They reached out to Stirista to drive conversions using acquisition email to target prospects in key markets.


Average click-through rate 130% > industry average


Increase in website traffic


Returning website visitors


In 2021, the U.S. online betting market combined for $7.75 billion in gross revenue and will grow exponentially in the coming years. Wanting to capitalize on this growing market, this leading financial service provider knew they needed to reevaluate their top-of-funnel marketing strategy for their digital commerce platform.

To help with this endeavor, they turned to Stirista as a way to engage potential new customers and increase website traffic by driving their audience segments to sign up through a partner site.


In partnership with their marketing agency, the financial services company turned to acquisition email, a new acquisition channel for them, to help increase site visits and new account sign-ups. They used Stirista’s data for custom-built audiences based on their customer personas, matched to Stirista’s intent and behavior data, creating an audience most likely to respond.

Using Stirista’s VIG pixel to capture details of the web visitors to the campaign’s landing pages, we helped the client

understand the web traffic and which specific visitors were driven by the campaign, giving a clear picture of the campaign’s ROI.

As the acquisition email campaign progressed, analytics and reporting showed that the advanced audience targeting helped drive click-through rates and campaign-to-website attribution. By looking at results across the different segments, in real-time, the managed services team was able to provide fast recommendations for campaign optimizations.


Stirista drove solid results for this online gaming and market-leading digital payments provider. Over a month, Stirisita deployed three different campaign touchpoints to three different audience segments which led to a 130% increase in conversions. While acquisition email campaigns typically see a 2-5% click-through rate, the average click-through rate for this campaign was more than double, at 11.55%. Additionally, since all emails are deployed in-house on our ESP, not outsourced, deliverability was near 95%.

Thanks to the VIG website tag, we learned that the leads were also of higher quality as the audience attributed to the email campaign visited the website not only once but over 3X.

When matched back to the audience segments, we found that there was a 20% increase in website traffic driven by campaign activity. The campaign also identified an additional 5% of anonymous traffic, which the company can choose to market to or create new audiences from in the future.

Within only a month of partnering with Stirista, this leading digital payments provider saw an invigorated top-of-funnel pipeline for their digital commerce platform through our acquisition email campaign.

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