Case Study / Agency

Stirista’s Audience Profile Tool Decreases Cost Per Dollar Raised By 133%

An agency representing a nonprofit organization that provides direct response fundraising, advocacy, and marketing services for nonprofits nationwide wanted to effectively identify and reach their target audience and ultimately decrease their cost per dollar raised.


Decrease in cost per dollar raised (CPDR)


Before partnering with Stirista, this agency and the client utilized a company that specifically specialized in creating modeled audience segments in the nonprofit space. While they experienced some success, the full extent of their goals was never fully realized.

Having worked with Stirista before, the agency knew that they could rely on Stirista to help their client with data-driven audience expansion and exceed their fundraising objectives.


The agency leveraged Stirista’s Audience Profile Tool (APT) to more easily understand its best and worst-performing customer and prospect segments based on six key (EAGLES) traits:

  • Ethnicity
  • Affluence
  • Generation
  • Lifestyle
  • Environment
  • Status

They provided us with client data and we ran the APT reports based on a determined set of criteria.

Using that data, we created a suite of “targeting buckets” representing different high-indexing characteristics and scored them based on these attributes. Once they reviewed the reports with their clients, the agency informed our team of the specific EAGLES segments that should be targeted and how they should be made up.

In future campaigns, the agency also has the opportunity to explore Stirista’s other self-service and managed options. Our DSP, Adstir, can be connected with Stirista’s Audience Profile Tool for quick audience activation that enhances delivery and provides advanced reporting to optimize spend.



As a result of Stirista’s Audience Profile Tool, the agency’s client experienced a 133% decrease in their cost per dollar raised and it was noted that our EAGLES segments outperformed the original company they were using.

With the data and insights Stirista provided, the client was able to successfully reduce their cost per dollar raised from over $400 to $80 and reach their fundraising goals.