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At fourteen, Ajay made his first foray into the entrepreneurial world, publishing one of the first wrestling newsletters on the web. Armed with rudimentary SEO skills and a sharp pen, the newsletter grew to over 50,000 subscribers by the time the publication was sold in 2002 when Ajay was a college freshman. Most importantly, Ajay realized the ease with which communication could be carried out via e-mail.

A decade later, after an eclectic mix of degrees in Financial Economics, Creative Writing, and Mathematics from St. Lawrence University (BA) and Texas State University (MFA), Ajay started Stirista in 2009. The rest, as they say, is history.

Stirista has evolved into an award-winning data-driven, full-service marketing and solutions provider, based in San Antonio, Tex., with over 50 employees across three continents.  Ajay leads his talented team in advising brands to strategically blend first- and third-party data to power its campaigns across digital, email, and social. To date, they have helped over a dozen Fortune 500 companies, over 50 agencies, and hundreds of small businesses with personalized, targeted solutions in response to their most complex marketing challenges.

Away from the office, Ajay is also an avid and competitive sports enthusiast who participates in the company tennis, soccer, volleyball, and softball teams.


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