Use It Or Lose It: How To Maximize A First Half Underspend

Dan Opallo

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Dan Opallo, Stirista’s Director of Content and Social Media, is a respected NY based veteran marketing whisperer who over the last 20+ years has spent time on both the agency and client sides helping companies and global brands build highly successful teams, create winning cultures, and launch engaging digital, social media, experiential, and influencer campaigns in the Tech, CPG, Sports, Spirits and Entertainment verticals. In his spare time, Dan enjoys spending time with family, thinking about maybe exercising, playing guitar, being tortured by the Mets, and getting outdoors.


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Use It Or Lose It: How To Maximize A First Half Underspend
The title of this blog could also have easily been “How To Not Lose Your...
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An Interview With Stirista’s New Chief Strategy Officer Matthew W. Staudt
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Our Mission
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Our 5 New Year’s Resolutions to Better Serve You!
Here at Stirista, like you, we're going into the new year with eyes wide open...
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