data-driven marketing trends 2018 7 Crucial Data-Driven Marketing Trends (For 2018 and Beyond)
Inaccurate Cultural Data Isn’t Just Wrong— It’s Offensive

As an overachieving senior in high school, I used to rush to the mailbox every day to see what new university was reaching out to me. I was the perfect marketing target: I wanted the letters and catalogues, I was persuaded by these universities to explore their media, and I…

Email marketing mistakes that drive customers crazy

It’s hard to get email marketing just right. Time and time again, companies fail to properly engage subscribers with their messages. On the other hand, plenty of companies go overboard with their email marketing. Marketers need to hit the sweet spot between having too many and too few emails. Customers…

Managing the “Oops!” moment: dealing with email mistakes

While email marketing may be data-driven, marketers are still human. That means all marketers make email mistakes. A messaging misstep could range from unwittingly offending some of your readers or even just allowing a typo to slip through. You may have included incorrect information or sent the message to the…

8 crucial components of an email message

The start of a new year is always a good time to review your email marketing strategy. After you’ve been working on your campaigns for a while, you may fall into a rut. Are you just going through the motions with your campaigns? There are many moving parts in any…

data-driven marketing
Long live data-driven marketing!

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you know that marketing is becoming increasingly data-driven. This could be the year that marketers finally realize the full potential of data to improve their strategies. A survey from Web presence management company Conductor cited by Direct Marketing News found that 76…

Marketing software providers have doubled since last year

Have you ever noticed marketing technology platforms there are now? We’re not just talking about marketing automation—that’s old hat at this point. There are platforms that support content marketing, social media marketing, data management and just about everything else. One man was determined to put a number on the various platforms…

Google now rewards mobile-friendly sites in search

Now is the time to think mobile. We all know how annoying it can be to navigate a non-optimized site on a smartphone. Google has now unrolled a new feature that will label mobile-friendly websites in mobile searches. The company is now helping customers avoid annoying mobile experiences by giving…

Are you using #hashtags in email?

We all know how relevant hashtags are. On social media a hashtag links us with others across the world who are interested in the same thing. People use them for branding, and even activism. But there’s one place marketers aren’t using hashtags as much as they could be—in email. A…

3 reasons why email is the ultimate sidekick for retailers

Marketing gurus consistently wonder whether email is still an effective way to reach customers. With all of the messages we receive on a daily basis, is it possible that we’re still affected by email, or have we reached a state of numbness? A new study from price comparison website Give…

5 reasons your open rates are low

It’s an email marketer’s biggest frustration—your messages aren’t being opened. You have a gigantic list of subscribers, but only a small percentage of them are opening your emails. What could be wrong? Your messages are getting trapped in the spam folder Most senders know not to use certain campaign tactics,…

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