data-driven marketing trends 2018 7 Crucial Data-Driven Marketing Trends (For 2018 and Beyond)
Email marketing 101: What is an email append?

At Stirista, we get really excited about all of the awesome things we can do with data. But we also realize some of these ideas and strategies can be hard to understand, especially if you’re new to data and email marketing. For instance, what is an email append? There’s a…

How to effectively reach an international audience

Expanding to an international audience can be challenging. It requires a lot of legwork and research. People in other regions have specific interests and needs you may not be familiar with. Make sure you have the information required to reach them effectively. Here are some areas of digital marketing where you’ll…

Why customers actually do love email

Consumers love email. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Customers consistently say that email is the best way to keep in touch with brands. According to a survey from Marketing Sherpa cited by Direct Marketing News, 72 percent of Americans agree that email is their favorite way to communicate with companies. More…

Meet Andi!

Stirista is profiling the great employees that keep our business alive and thriving. First on the list, Andi Boyd! Learn more about Stirista’s business development associate. What’s your favorite part of working at Stirista? Taco Fridays. Just kidding (though I do like that). I like the Stirista community and culture.…

Why Marketing is Like Bad Dating

Marketing is a lot like bad dating. You find people who don’t like you as much as you like them. You find people who hold on a little too tightly. And even people who won’t call you back. Let Stirista find the right B2B company for you.

Why Twitter is the social platform to watch

For brands, Paid social media is now a serious marketing contender for brands. An earned social following still has pull, but companies will need to put resources toward paid posts. Facebook recently announced it would penalize brands for using organic posts, encouraging brands to move to paid posts for their…

5 digital marketing challenges

Digital marketing is exciting, but it’s not without its share of challenges. More platforms mean a growing number of ways for marketers to reach their audiences. On the other hand, digital is still a brave new world and many companies have trouble keeping up. Here are some of the top…

How to avoid being spammy

Email marketers face a quandary. You aren’t intimately connected with the people you contact. Customers are strangers; you don’t really know them, and they don’t really know you. That makes email marketing a delicate art–how do you avoid being spammy? A polite message asking subscribers to download a webinar can…

Up your game with innovative email strategies

Your email strategies may be good, but they can always be better. With innovative tactics and a little creativity, you can increase engagement with your messages. Make sure you reach the right people at the right time with the right email: that’s what innovative email marketing is all about. Dynamic email Change…

multicultural marketing
5 Ways Multicultural Marketing Campaigns Work (and Don’t Work)

Multicultural marketing offers businesses the ability to hone their messages to their target audience by reaching out to culturally connected groups. This type of targeting can offer major returns, but marketers must tread carefully. Multicultural marketing requires specialized insights and actions that balance culture while avoiding stereotypes. Below are 5…

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