dubious data providers Beware of Dubious Data Providers: A 9-point Checklist
How to be Unpopular on Social Media

First impressions are now often made online—through social media and websites like Google—instead of in person. There’s no easier way to make yourself or your organization into a pariah than social media mistakes. Even seemingly innocuous actions like posting too many times or complaining can cause you to lose fans…

Increasing the Efficacy of Mobile Attribution Methods

Mobile advertising is top of mind for many marketers – it’s growing at an incredible pace, both on the national and local level. In 2014, 72 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers owned a smartphone, and BIA/Kelsey predicts that this will reach 92 percent by 2017. It is estimated that mobile…

Copy to Avoid in Marketing Communications

When writing copy for marketing programs there are many words and phrases used so often that they have become meaningless. Customers, prospects, and your sales force have heard them so many times that they have become hollow and worthless in getting the point across. Consider not only your written communications,…

The Renaissance of Marketing

Marketing is evolving at lightning speed.  Its evolution has not been unlike the transformation of art, science, architecture, culture, and engineering that defined the Renaissance period from the 14th to 17th centuries. Rather than happening over several centuries, however, the renaissance of marketing is happening in decades, years, and days. Today…

Meet Kenzi!

Stirista is profiling the great employees that keep our business alive and thriving. Next on the list, Kenzi Lindamood! Learn more about Stirista’s marketing manager. What’s your favorite part of working at Stirista? The people! My coworkers at Stirista are fantastic. It’s a group of down to earth and fun people who…

Deliver Users that Play, Pay, and Stay for Mobile Gaming

Mobile devices consume our daily lives. Observe any public place and you will inevitably notice the majority of peoples’ eyes are glued to their phone, fully engrossed in the latest Tweets from their favorite celebrities or enraptured in the newest runaway hit mobile game. With over 2 billion smartphone users…

7 Basics of Small Business Marketing & Advertising

So it’s time to get serious about small business marketing. What are the first things you need to do? There are seven basic areas you need to address to set yourself up for success when marketing your company. For some, it might involve revitalizing or revamping an area, and for…

5 Ways to Leverage Your Social Marketing Investment

This year, an estimated 40 percent of marketers will invest the majority of their 2015 budget into social media strategy. Many industry insiders agree that making larger investments in social platforms is a great way to effectively leverage your marketing dollar, but only if you know what you’re doing. It…

Nurturing: Uncovering the Real Value of a Lead

Lead generation is not new. B2B marketers have been seeking leads since the beginning of marketing. Today, however, the definition of a “lead” is being rigorously debated. Online automation has added words like “clicks” or “views” or “impressions” to muddy the issue. In fact, marketers today face an increasingly confusing…

Live Chat With a Twist

We’re in an increasingly text-based world. More and more of us search for information and make purchases online, engage on social media sites, and use our smartphones for nearly everything— certainly more than just for phone calls. While the telephone is still a cornerstone of one-to-one contact when conducting commerce…

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