data-driven marketing trends 2018 7 Crucial Data-Driven Marketing Trends (For 2018 and Beyond)
5 Steps to Planning Your Marketing Campaigns

There are many things for marketers to consider when strategizing for a new marketing campaign.  Who is the audience? What is the goal? What is the message? And the ever-looming, how do we reach them? Not to mention all the questions and planning that come with those.   So how…

11 Funny Ways Technology has Changed Your Life

  11) You see someone using an actual pay phone & question if you’re in the Twlight Zone then promptly check your cell to make sure it’s still 2016.       10) The only paper map you believe left in existence is the Goonies treasure map. Does anyone actually…

Customization and Targeted Marketing

Every day our mailboxes overflow with a large amount of unwanted email that goes into the junk folder unread. Why do they fail to convey their message? These are emails from marketers who have not done their homework. They are like the little boxes of ticky-tacky that look just the…

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