data-driven marketing trends 2018 7 Crucial Data-Driven Marketing Trends (For 2018 and Beyond)
Who’s Following Trump and Clinton?

The Twitter followers of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton turn out to be more similar than different, demographically, based on an analysis conducted by the San Antonio database marketing company Stirista. Surprisingly, a third of Trump followers are registered Democrats. Other than gender and race, Trump and Clinton supporters share…

“Hi. Do you mind if I say hello?”

“Hi. Do you mind if I say hello?” I feel my primary job as VP of Sales is to establish relationships. Selling is a job that has no prize for second place, so any edge, however slight, I can bring to the selling process is very valuable. But in our…

The Top 3 Ways to Stop Stress Today

The Top 3 Ways to Stop Stress Today Deadlines, responsibilities, personality clashes, and so many more things can generate stress in the workplace. And although eating right, exercising, and getting rest are all great pieces of advice, the reality is that not many people can truly employ those habits on…

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