ajay camera What Losing a Camera in College Taught Me About Hiring – and Ethics in Advertising
It’s Time to Make Your Holiday Marketing Plan

September feels like a strange time to start thinking about the holidays, especially when some parts of the country (like here in San Antonio) are still dealing with some brutal heat. But think about this: 40% of shoppers will begin their holiday shopping in October, giving you about one month…

How Niche Segments Can Save the Advertiser-Consumer Relationship

Choosing the right audience is one of the most basic tenants of advertising. But until recently, limitations in data collection made it nearly impossible to send ads to narrow, specific audiences. As a result, most ads had to appeal to a larger audience than they needed to. Worse, advertisers sent…

Facebook Messenger: Friend or Foe?

Ever since Facebook began requiring the Messenger app to send mobile messages, most people viewed the download as a necessary evil. The update was met with significant resistance and complaints but the messenger app still jumped to the top downloaded app on launch day for both iTunes and the Google…

Insight-Driven Marketing
Is Your Data Ready for Insight-Driven Marketing?

Data may be a part of the marketing mainstream, but most companies only scratch the surface of what it can do. Insight-driven marketing is a big trend that uses data for far more than audience targeting. Companies are now using data to learn more about their customers than ever before,…

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