data-driven marketing trends 2018 7 Crucial Data-Driven Marketing Trends (For 2018 and Beyond)
The Future of B2B Digital Data

We usually hate talking about ourselves, but in this case we just can’t help it—we have to congratulate our data teams on some major accomplishments. In the last few months, they have transformed our B2B digital database by connecting it to our B2C, social, and voter data. Now, our clients will…

Take the Leap to the Data-Driven Digital Advantage

The digital advantage is now an attainable reality. What does the advertiser hope for? Visibility—strategic positioning—converted to sales, right? All three can be yours if you take the leap to the data-driven digital advantage. In the good old days, an advertisement appearing in the newspaper or a magazine would have…

How Lacta Harnessed the Power of Social Media

Imagine a social media tsunami created by plugging in and listening to what the users of your product are whispering! Lacta, the top brand of milk chocolate in Greece did just that. Poets and lovers the world over have compared love to sweetness. Remember the Jim Reeves number? Roses are…

Who is More Influential: Clinton or Trump?

Amid the discussion of social media in the 2016 election, we decided to find out which presidential candidate is more influential. We used our experience in database marketing to compare the social media influence of the candidates’ Twitter followers, as well as the influence of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.…

Finding Meaning in Social Media Data

Harnessing social media data for marketing is the forte of smart marketing companies. But what do these companies do beyond flourishing their wands and swishing buzzwords around? Where do they make a difference? What is their edge over traditional marketing companies? Well, they are swift and agile—light footed and quick…

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