Advertising on Reddit: How Smart Companies Can Reach Their Niche Audiences

Reddit is a web-traffic powerhouse.  An online forum with over 130,000 sub-forums (subreddits) and communities with 7.55 billion page views a month, Reddit ranks 7th among the social networking platforms after Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

Reddit’s current online statistics:

  • Monthly active users: Approx. 26.4 million 
  • Registered users: 330 million
  • Total subreddits: 853,000 and counting
  • Active communities: 150,000+
  • Daily searches on Reddit: 40 million
  • Average accumulated daily video viewing time: 5 million minutes
  • Percent of Reddit video views on mobile: 70%

A few brands that have leveraged Reddit’s forums and communities to execute successful disruptive  marketing campaigns include:

  • Spotify
  • IKEA
  • The Economist
  • Amazon
  • Red Bull
  • Ford
  • Nordstrom
  • SpaceX
  • Nissan

Reddit may be the most underutilized, yet promising, source of traffic for online marketers. With an investment of $150 million from Tencent Holdings Limited, the world’s largest gaming company and one of the largest social media companies with the 5th highest global brand value, Reddit is concentrating on building its advertising app to attract more advertisers.  

Six Advantages to Using Reddit

  1. Reddit is a network of communication. It is a platform where in-depth, two-way, meaningful conversations, and exchange of information can happen. Unlike other social sites, it is private, and you can customize your account according to your interests.
  1.  It’s a safe environment. Content published or shared on Reddit is reviewed and controlled by human moderators. Each community has five to 50 human moderators, depending on the subreddits. These human moderators can be volunteers or leaders, and they set rules on the quality of the content and make sure it is on-topic.
  1. It empowers users to be creative. You have an equal voice as well as the opportunity to carve any role you want to play. For example, a creator, reader, leader, builder, a conversation starter, etc. You can create your brand and publish content in the form of gifs, videos, pictures, texts, blogs, AMAs (Ask Me Anything), news, and ads.
  1. No biased influence. Paid influencers are compensated to promote products and services.  Whereas, on Reddit, you can get genuine ideas, opinions, and feedback about what real people are saying. The majority of Reddit’s users are under 35 and are the next generation of influencers.
  1. It’s a three-way matrix: Community – Conversation – Engagement. Find your niche and subscribe to those industry subreddits for information and communication. One interesting difference is how Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit display their content.

Twitter displays the most recent tweets from the people you follow.

Facebook has a complicated algorithm which decides what content gets top priority. 

But Reddit lets users decide.

For instance, if a piece of material or comment contributes to the discussion, is fun, or is valuable in some way,    you can give it an upvote. Content that gains several upvotes in a short time will rapidly surpass less popular  content for top spots. 

  1. Advertising on Reddit is ever evolving. The latest Reddit advertising platform and app give brands  much more control and options from which to choose. You can control and whitelist what content you want to display, comments you can hide or show and target the right consumers. Reddit has also invested in its video app last year — considering all the rage with video marketing and how influential it has become.


The opportunities are limitless for marketers who want to reach real users with intent to buy or connect. Reddit users mean business. 

The average time each day a Reddit user spends on its site is more than 15 minutes! Moreover, a staggering 53.8% of Reddit’s desktop traffic comes from the U.S., followed by the U.K. and Canada. Hence, the options on Reddit are endless for companies to launch their next disruptive marketing strategies.

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