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Answering your FAQs about Stirista

I’m the newest person on the Sales team and am very proud to represent Stirista! Like me, this company has a passion for creating direct and authentic connections, as well as helping businesses identify and effectively target their ideal customers with the ultimate goal, of course, of growing their bottom line.

Our focus, as one of the fastest growing database marketing agencies in the country, is primarily on tackling email, digital display campaigns, and demographic marketing from beginning to end. Everything from planning, to content creation and design, all the way through to deployment and tracking – both during and post-campaign. Also, we develop innovative technologies and ideas that make us great at targeting very specific and hard-to-reach audiences.

In my few short months here, I’ve noted a few questions that have piqued several prospects’ curiosities. So, I’d like to take a moment to address them here in our Stirista blog.

1.) Where does Stirista’s data come from?

Of course, data-driven marketing is where it all begins. It can help you make better informed and insightful business decisions, and ultimately, grow your business.

B2B: We partner with several retailers and websites that allow the opportunity for their customers to opt-in to third-party offers. Other sources include information from trusted vendors, such as marketing and research companies – as well as through magazine subscriptions, SEC filings and other information available to the public.  This database includes name, postal information, business email and firmographic (SIC, revenue, job title, department and employee count) information, which we append on a regular basis.

B2C:  Stirista’s B2C data includes just about everything advertisers could ever need to know about an audience, including contact, cultural, political, social, and interest data. Our in-house data teams compile this data from a variety of sources, including public records, surveys, sweepstakes, tax records, magazine subscriptions, online purchases, and many more. Stirista Intent, our most recent offering, is compiled directly from observed behavior on across social media.

All of our B2C data exists in a single database, so there is no risk of a contact having different information across multiple databases. We are scrupulous about the cleanliness and integrity of our data; so, we only use data that has been meticulously confirmed through postal and IP address verification.

2.) What makes Stirista different from other data companies?

There’s so much I can share.  But, if I had to narrow it down to a couple of key competitive advantages, I’d say these two:

First, our data is 1:1 and deterministic, which targets the individual, as opposed to targeting by physical addresses, which is what many others in our industry do. Personally, I think if your company’s not audience targeting down to the individual level, you’re wasting time and ad dollars that could have been spent more effectively.  I’m really passionate about this!

Second, our ability to take online social data (e.g., followers of specific brands – your competitors), move it offline (our B2C database) for deeper targeting insights – and then bring it back online (onboard) for digital targeting.  To our knowledge, we are the only company doing this!

3.) If you had to pick one thing that Stirista does best, what would that be?

I believe it starts with putting together a top-notch team! Everyone at Stirista has an instinctive talent for customer services.  You can’t teach that skill – it has to be something that naturally happens.  We realize that every interaction we have with our clients is an opportunity to shine!

4.) Do you guys really eat breakfast tacos every Friday?

Oh, yeah! Our headquarters staff in San Antonio enjoys tasty breakfast tacos every Friday! It’s part of the company’s culture – a way to cap off another great work week, spend time with colleagues, as well dig into a variety of delicious breakfast tacos in a town well known for its Tex-Mex cuisine.

I work remotely since I live on the East Coast. But, I always look forward to these tasty breakfast treats when I visit the home office on Taco Fridays!

About the author

Since joining Stirista earlier this year, Virginia-based Doug has been responsible for developing new business relationships with political consultants as well as advertising agencies. He helps his clients streamline targeting strategies and increases their ability to reach their desired audiences. As a veteran of the television/digital industry for more than 20 years, Doug brings a creative, data-driven approach to designing omnichannel marketing solutions. Away from work, Doug and his wife, Cari, can often be found attending their two daughters’ (Emily...

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