How Life-Event Trigger Data Can Revolutionize Your Marketing

David Bailey

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David graduated from the University of Arkansas with a B.A. in Political Science. Since June 2013, David has worked with Stirista from Long Island, New York, leading the company’s sales efforts. With experience in graphic design, direct mail, printing, and even acting, David is truly Stirista’s renaissance man who has a passion for making connections with people and brings this zeal for life to the table in everything he does, wherever he goes.


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“Hi. Do you mind if I say hello?”
"Hi. Do you mind if I say hello?" I feel my primary job as VP of Sales is to establish relationships. Selling is a job that has no prize for second place. So any edge, however slight, I can bring to the selling process, I consider valuable. However, in today's increasingly isolated culture, this task has become difficult and challenging....
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