Expand Your Targeting with Facebook Custom Audiences
How to Boost Your Onboarding Rates for Better Digital Marketing

Onboarding your offline data is a great way to reach your audience online, where most Americans spend over 10 hours a day. However, it can be difficult to get started in the world of DMPs, DSPs, and custom audiences without the help of a digital agency. A good digital agency…

Are You Ready to Make the Switch to Omni Channel Marketing?

For marketers, omni channel marketing may sound like what we have been doing for years—reaching customers on multiple channels and devices. But omni channel marketing means moving those channels and audiences out of siloes. However, omni channel marketing requires an exceptional understanding of your customers, as well as the means…

How I Learned the Value of Linking B2B and B2C Data

How I Learned the Value of Linking B2B and B2C Data Siloed data sets have been a bad practice we in the data world have put up with for far too long. There’s a reason tightly siloed datasets have lasted as they have—they’re easy to create, difficult to connect, and…

What I Learned About Maintaining a Clean Database

When we began Stirista, data was already firmly entrenched in the marketing world. However, I quickly found that the rush to jump on the data-driven bandwagon had led many marketers to neglect one of the most important pillars of data—maintaining a clean database. Since then, I have seen dirty databases…

How Newly Engaged Trigger Data is Revolutionizing Marketing

Picture this: couple falls in love, couple gets engaged. Couple plans wedding, buys a house, has children, lives the dream. Sound familiar? That’s because, in reality, it is still a very common order of life events.  It is also a queue that many brands and their marketing teams can capitalize…

Data Enhancement Services
3 Ways Data Enhancement Can Help Improve Your Marketing

3 Ways Data Enhancement Can Help Improve Your Marketing Marketing is often a tricky word, especially if you’re a business without a dedicated team, the sheer concept can be downright terrifying. So how do you begin? Once you do, how do you know you’re on the right track? What is…

Email Hygiene Services
3 Tips for Improving Your Email Lists with Email Hygiene

3 Tips for Improving Your Email Lists with Email Hygiene Among the most often encountered suggestions for improving the success rate of email marketing is cleaning a list to get rid of inactive subscribers. It is a splendid concept to routinely get rid of all challenging bounces along with persisting…

Increase Onboarding Match Rates with Linked B2B Data

It’s never fun putting valuable resources into compiling the perfect B2B data set only to see it translate to low match rates when you onboard for digital advertising. Yet it has become part of the daily grind for B2B marketers, lowering ROI’s and holding back digital campaigns. It doesn’t have…

Ethnic Appends Will Prepare Your Data for the Future

A person’s culture is an inextricable part of his or her identity, affecting experiences, perspectives, and much more. In a country founded on immigration and in which immigrants and their descendants are expected to account for 88% of the U.S. population increase between 2015 and 2065, multicultural marketing is something…

The Untapped Value in Your Lapsed Customers

One of the first things many new business students learn is that it’s less expensive to keep existing customers than to attract new ones. Some businesses don’t even break even on new customers until the one-year mark. But keeping customers engaged with your brand is not always as easy as…

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