ajay camera What Losing a Camera in College Taught Me About Hiring – and Ethics in Advertising
data enhancement
How Data Enhancement Can Help Boost Your Marketing Efforts

When it comes down to it, you know your business faces a lot of competition. You need to find a way to stand from the rest. One way to extend your reach and acquire new customers – or, get more from your existing ones – is through data enhancement. Many…

b2b marketing agency
When it’s Time to Turn to a B2B Marketing Agency

Your company needs to grow. You know your current marketing efforts are okay… but they could be better. But, you don’t want to invest in the wrong service or an ineffective marketing plan. It needs to count. Knowing that it’s not as easy to connect to B2B decision makers as…

data-driven marketing
The Top 25 Data-Driven Marketing Tools to Boost ROI in 2018

Definition of Data-Driven Marketing Data-driven marketing simply refers to the act of using data collected through consumer engagements with a website to make marketing decisions like showing relevant ads and promotions to them in the future. Answer the following: What will be your digital marketing business’ primary goal this year and the…

email append services
Email Append Services Helps Multi-Channel Marketing

A variety of opportunities exist today for companies to reach their clients. No matter which methods you use, from email marketing to social media, the only way your effort is going to be successful is if you can actually reach the right group of people with the right message. With…

b2b marketing tactics
Six Powerful B2B Marketing Tactics You May be Missing

There are so many great new techniques in B2B marketing today, it’s hard to keep up. I hereby offer a roundup of ideas that you may have overlooked: IP address identification, a customer-driven content marketing strategy, better lead qualification, a renewed focus on customer and prospect data, account-based marketing, and…

Stirista Earns Silver DMA International ECHO Award

We are excited to announce that our digital campaign for Great Clips received the prestigious Silver award for the Best Retail Campaign of 2017 at the prestigious Data and Marketing Association’s International ECHO awards. Pop-star Mark McGrath made the announcement on October 8th at the ECHO Awards gala in New…

onboarding audience
Get on Track with Onboarding – The Case for Uploading Audiences for Targeting

Yesterday, analysts came out to say that Facebook may be misleading about its audience sizes. It turns out, Facebook’s advertised targeting numbers are higher than those in the US census. Much higher in some instances–Facebook has records for 25 million more US adults under 35 than were actually counted in…

data kings
Data Kings Rule the Digital World

A recent article in the Economist calls data “the oil of the digital era” and argues that control of this asset is the driving force in the powerful world of business today. What’s more, this power gives an unfair advantage to the big 5 data giants: Alphabet [Google], Amazon, Apple,…

The LiveRamp Data Innovators Program Delivers Powerful Predictive Targeting to Marketers

There’s something special about coming together with another company to offer customers something they can’t get anywhere else. That’s why we jumped at the opportunity to join forces with AnalyticsIQ to become the first, proven custom data partnership in LiveRamp’s Data Innovators program. In addition to paving the way for…

The Benefits of Working with a Single Data-Driven Digital Agency

Digital marketing is broad. Any one of its components, such as social media marketing and display advertising, are vast enough to base a career around. That makes it difficult for companies of any size to fully explore digital marketing without turning to at least one digital agency. And between email,…

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