data-driven marketing trends 2018 7 Crucial Data-Driven Marketing Trends (For 2018 and Beyond)
digital display advertising
How to Improve Your ROI with Digital Display Advertising

You have seen digital display advertising as you work your way around the Internet and search engines. So, the question remains: How can you send relevant messages to the right individuals or companies? Everyone Is Online As a majority of the world’s Internet searches take place on a cell phone,…

What I Learned from a Fresh Look at Display Advertising

What I Learned from a Fresh Look at Display Advertising Starting a business is about solving a problem for your clients. When I started Stirista in 2009, I thought it would be simple enough to help clients target their audiences with great data. However, I began to realize that we…

Join the Digital Audience Targeting Revolution

Audience targeting is the backbone of digital marketing. The right audience targeting enables you to reach the specific people who are interested in your product or service and it conserves your valuable ad budget. And although even some advanced audience targeting methods have existed for years, ever improving data is…

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The Importance of Digital Display Advertising to Businesses

The Importance of Digital Display Advertising to Businesses Digital advertising reaches people through ads in digital publications, social channels, podcasts, blogs, websites and other platforms. The widely-adopted Google Display Network, works by analyzing more than just keywords and searches (used in traditional PPC ads). It uses big data to target…

Increase Onboarding Match Rates with Linked B2B Data

It’s never fun putting valuable resources into compiling the perfect B2B data set only to see it translate to low match rates when you onboard for digital advertising. Yet it has become part of the daily grind for B2B marketers, lowering ROI’s and holding back digital campaigns. It doesn’t have…

The Untapped Value in Your Lapsed Customers

One of the first things many new business students learn is that it’s less expensive to keep existing customers than to attract new ones. Some businesses don’t even break even on new customers until the one-year mark. But keeping customers engaged with your brand is not always as easy as…

Responsive Advertisements

Video advertisements aren’t just important for your content marketing; they’re the most dominant medium of marketing your strategies will use. As the future becomes today, they will only become more necessary. You need to make sure your videos aren’t being shut off right away. But how? We already discussed how…

The 5 Display Ads You Meet at a Party

It’s becoming clear that digital advertising is taking the lead in the race for marketing spend. It is anticipated that companies will spend more on digital ads than they will on television in 2016 (that’s over 60 billion!) Everyone is throwing their chips onto the digital advertising table. That’s good…

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Three Ways to Get More out of Your Advertisments

The internet is full of advertisements. There are ads for products, for services, for sites and stories, for memberships and for newsletters. But what makes a successful online advertisement? What grabs a consumer’s attention and makes them think “I should click this link”? This is where you must turn to…

Marketers continue to put more revenue toward digital advertising, but do these ads reach consumers?
Consumers Adopt Ad Blocking Software at a Cost to Advertisers

Marketers continue to put more revenue toward digital advertising, but do these ads reach consumers? New research suggests that marketers may create expensive digital campaigns in vain, spending advertising dollars on content customers never see. The question is, what can marketers do about it? Wasted Digital Ad Spend A new…

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