Stirista Earns Silver DMA International ECHO Award
Narratives Hold the Promise of Key Message Delivery in Advertisements

Powerful narratives influence our brains Remember Mark Anthony’s speech in Julius Caesar? Friends, Romans, Countrymen…His emotionally charged narrative turned the tables on his enemies and the crowd that had been unwilling to even let him speak, rushed to carry out his intent–even though he did not even voice it! Persuasion…

social media audience analysis
How Social Media Audience Analysis Accelerates Your Marketing Success

Successful marketing endeavors begin with a thorough understanding of your audience, and social media campaigns are no exception. Conducting a social media audience analysis before you launch your campaign can improve its performance and get the most out of your budget. With good use of actionable analytics, you can have…

How Technology is Changing B2B Sales Prospecting

In a recent panel discussion, someone asked me, “What is the biggest way technology is changing our lives?” It got me thinking. The Internet is exploding around us, vying for our attention at every turn. It has even become part of our sleep ritual where many of us check on…

How Lacta Harnessed the Power of Social Media

Imagine a social media tsunami created by plugging in and listening to what the users of your product are whispering! Lacta, the top brand of milk chocolate in Greece did just that. Poets and lovers the world over have compared love to sweetness. Remember the Jim Reeves number? Roses are…

Finding Meaning in Social Media Data

Harnessing social media data for marketing is the forte of smart marketing companies. But what do these companies do beyond flourishing their wands and swishing buzzwords around? Where do they make a difference? What is their edge over traditional marketing companies? Well, they are swift and agile—light footed and quick…

Facebook Messenger: Friend or Foe?

Ever since Facebook began requiring the Messenger app to send mobile messages, most people viewed the download as a necessary evil. The update was met with significant resistance and complaints but the messenger app still jumped to the top downloaded app on launch day for both iTunes and the Google…

An Open Letter to Social Media Marketers:

An Open Letter to Social Media Marketers: To all you social media marketers- Thank you! I’ve learned a lot about social media over the years.  And as all of you social media marketers know, there’s really no way to learn the tricks of the trade but by putting in the…

Using Social Data Improves Social Media Marketing

Social Data Improves Social Media Marketing Social data? What does that even mean? These days there are so many tech tools for marketing it’s hard to drown out the proverbial noise and focus on what you really need, or even what really works.  Before we look at how to use…

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