How Technology is Changing B2B Sales Prospecting
What’s the killer app in B2B marketing? Face-to-face events

I was teaching B2B digital marketing recently, and found some of my students to be dismayed by one data point that came up again and again in the course: of all tactics in the B2B marketing toolkit, the most valued, the most used, and the most effective is face-to-face events.…

The Problem Solver’s Guide to B2B Marketing

As a B2B marketer, you are a full-time problem solver. You rarely get the luxury of emotional purchase opportunities or flashy products. You increase sales by proving to your prospects that your products or services will solve their problems. Continue reading to learn more about making solutions your business. Use…

A Valentine’s Day Story from Galaxy Chocolates—The Chase

Do you remember how the Greek chocolate brand Lacta promoted itself on Facebook, harnessing the power of social media? Well, this Valentine’s Day, Galaxy Chocolates from UK has released a short ad film, The Chase, leveraging the power of a story to promote its brand. The Chase is a striking…

Is Perfectionism Suffocating Your Creativity?

It almost sounds counterintuitive to say perfectionism is the enemy. After all, who doesn’t want their work to be perfect? Fierce competition between companies makes marketers particularly susceptible to perfectionist thinking. But perfectionism is actually a major problem that can stifle creative thinking and bully you into docility. Worse, it…

The Top 3 Ways to Stop Stress Today

The Top 3 Ways to Stop Stress Today Deadlines, responsibilities, personality clashes, and so many more things can generate stress in the workplace. And although eating right, exercising, and getting rest are all great pieces of advice, the reality is that not many people can truly employ those habits on…

5 Things You Need In Your Conference Survival Kit

5 Things You Need In Your Conference Survival Kit Accompanying the first chirpings of Spring in the air is the snapping and zipping of suitcases. It is the time of year when conference season begins to pick up, and it seems like every week there is absenteeism from the office…

11 Funny Ways Technology has Changed Your Life

  11) You see someone using an actual pay phone & question if you’re in the Twlight Zone then promptly check your cell to make sure it’s still 2016.       10) The only paper map you believe left in existence is the Goonies treasure map. Does anyone actually…

Stay on the “Nice” List: How to Market Smart During the Holidays

Our sentimental feelings about the holidays can sometimes cloud our judgment. Recall, perhaps, your zealous family member who had the life-size singing Santa Claus.

writing desk with computer
Should you be writing like a Nigerian prince?

Remember when emails from Nigerian Princes were all the rage? They seem like a fond remnant of adolescence, like the Backstreet Boys or Myspace (RIP).

Adding Up AdTech: Post-Con Review

The first glance of New York City intimidates. Unlike other cities that recline over the terrain like quaint little rugs, the edifices of NYC punch upward and outward, claiming their space. It’s no surprise that Ad Tech’s largest conference takes place annually in New York, because the ad tech industry…

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