Creating a Bond Through Your Message

Imagine finding a lost baby on a busy street. It will probably remind you of the movie Baby’s Day Out. But that was suspended reality–a happy child gurgling with laughter wreaking havoc on 2 comical, yet ruthless burglars. What if you heard the baby cry?

One fine day in March 2009, people rushing through busy areas in the major cities of Finland were shocked to find abandoned strollers left around apparently without caregivers.  Passersby in each case were startled by the cries of a baby. Human concern stopped many in their tracks. Motherly instincts were aroused and some rushed to check on the baby.

In the stroller, there was a note that read, “Thank you for caring, we hope there are more people like you. Unicef–Be a mom for a moment.”

UNICEF: Be a Mom For a Moment

UNICEF, Finland used this strategy to shock, grab and hold the attention of people. Be a Mom For a Moment, was a unique project aimed at raising awareness about the rights of children, both abandoned and/or orphaned, this project was noticed immediately and received wide coverage in the media. This was achieved by placing 14 baby blue strollers in crowded areas of the major cities of Finland, playing an audio tape of a crying baby and leaving a poignant message in the stroller for the kind souls, who stopped to check on the baby. A low-cost-high-impact initiative that reached out to 80% of the population in just 2 days!

This case has been reported widely as one of the best guerrilla marketing initiatives. The strategy involved the core tenets of guerrilla marketing:

  • Being present in busy spots for high visibility
  • Sending out the message in a striking manner that could not be missed
  • Demanding attention through the vulnerability of the crying child to make an emotional connect
  • Creating high impact and leaving a lasting impression on those who saw or heard of it [memorable]
  • Involving minimal expenditure and time while creating maximum “buzz”

Message delivery, the how of it, is key in marketing and UNICEF achieved the desired social mission, drawing attention to the plight of children left to fend for themselves. Adopting an unconventional means of message delivery was essential to create the emotional turmoil that the organization had hoped for. UNICEF’s unique message tapped the mother-and-child metaphor and created a new bond between the mission and all those who were touched by it.

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