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The Developer’s Guide to App Monetization with PushWizard

As a mobile app developer and entrepreneur, increasing both user retention and app monetization are your ultimate goals. In fact, sending push notifications to your users’ smartphones notifying them of new, relevant content can increase your mobile apps’ retention rate by more than double!  We can all agree that not engaging with your audience is like leaving money on the table.

PushWizard, a new service from Stirista, allows you to send push notifications as soon as you register. No waiting period or credit card required! Set up is easy (only takes minutes) to manage with its user-friendly dashboard, which is completely customizable — from setting and managing “push” types to tracking and analytics. Your data is incredibly safe with 256-bit encryption and 99-percent guaranteed uptime. And, best of all, this high-speed service — capable of sending millions of pushes an hour to unlimited devices on both iOS and Android — is free!

Learn valuable insights as our experts answer your most pressing questions on the benefits you can gain when you partner with us in PushWizard’s unique revenue sharing program.

Q: Give me an overview of how revenue sharing with the PushWizard Partnership Program works.

A: We are offering a share of advertising revenue generated from utilizing the apps’ user data in a privacy-safe manner that will make advertising more relevant to consumers.

Examples of more relevant advertising would be offering coupons when a mobile app holder is near a store or bringing awareness to an event in which the app user might be interested.

The concept of rev-share for user data is nothing new. The unique part of PushWizard is that developers get a free push notification service and the ability to passively monetize app users.

Q: What benefits are there to using PushWizard’s push notification service instead of a competitor?

A: First, there is no cost to sign up. No credit card is needed.

Second, rather than just getting a valuable service at no cost, you are literally getting paid to use the PushWizard push notification service. Imagine if utilities worked this way!

There are very few companies offering push notification services. If you decide to go with another push notification service, just be vigilant that you’re getting something in return for the information you’re providing “X” company for your app users’ data.

Of course, it is in our best interest for PushWizard to work as flawlessly as possible. Given this, any problems or troubleshooting will be promptly addressed and immediately corrected.

Q: Does PushWizard limit how many apps I can set up?

A: No, we welcome any and all apps!

Q: Can having more apps sending notifications via PushWizard increase my revenue? If so, how?

A: Yes, the goal is to contribute unique and real mobile users, regardless of the app being used to find the user. Having more apps increases the likelihood that new mobile users will find the content relevant and install the app.

Q: How can I make my app/apps more effective to increase user engagement and increase my app revenue?

A. The most effective way to increase revenue would be to do what developers do best — focus on delivering an app that many people find valuable enough to keep installed.

Revenue from PushWizard is generated in two ways: unique data and data at scale.

The sooner the PushWizard code is implemented, the sooner a developer can “stake their claim” on the unique data contribution. More unique data contributed (i.e. more users) will result in a greater share of the total revenue.

Don’t delay! Learn more or get started with PushWizard for free today!

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