Geo-Targeting: What It Is, Its Benefits and Why You Should Be Doing It

What is Geo-Targeting?

Let’s face it: When you are looking for your next marketing campaign to bring in more customers, there are many factors to consider during the planning process. For example, you need to:

  • launch the right message at the right time,
  • target the right demographics
  • and, be ready to adjust your campaign on the fly.

But, what may be too often overlooked can be the most critical aspect of all: Geo-targeting your audience, otherwise known as geographic micro-targeting.  It’s simply targeting your desired audience in a specific region, state, city, zip code or neighborhood.

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The Benefits of Geo-Targeting

In the global age of information, we have the technology and data to pinpoint your audience for you wherever they are. THAT is geo-targeting!

The good news is, it’s as easy as reading a map. With this information available, It’s time to get local with your emails and digital ads.

Geo-targeting has actually always been available online. Every time a connection is made and an email registered, there is information sent that tells the network where you are. It’s only in recent years that marketers have been utilizing this information beyond just regional campaigns.

Tracking cookies and email data allow marketers to narrow down their ads to specific ZIP codes. This means you don’t have to “shotgun” a wide area anymore. Geo-targeting allows you to market your business with precision, sending emails only to the exact geographic locations.

This precision grows ten-fold when applied to digital advertisements. You spend money each time your ads appear on a website, so it only makes sense that each ad should have the best possible chance at finding the best prospect.

You certainly don’t want to waste your budget advertising sports sneakers to a retirement home or show off new car accessories to an area with high public transit ridership. That doesn’t mean you need to write off or blacklist entire metro areas, though. Let the digital platforms managing your campaign carry out precise targeting, making sure you waste not and want not.  Even so, banner ads can only go so far.

To follow through and still retain actionable niche targeting, email is key. We know for a fact that customers love to check their email, and it remains one of the best mediums for sales. Take it a step further with geo-targeting, delivering emails to only the most relevant areas. It’s not an extra level of cost, because it’s just another filter. In the end, you save money and improve your conversion rates. Smart analysis of areas to get the most accurate geographies will let you guarantee that you have the best audience to receive your best email.

When you target based on geography, you’re doing more than just targeting an area. You target lifestyles and ethnicities, languages and political parties. Targeting by ZIP codes lets you look for predominant languages, moving your Spanish language ad from an educated guess to a perfect delivery.

You can also look in geographies for incomes and net worth, choosing deliverability to the frugal or affluent. Political orientation is also available, so you can avoid audiences who might dismiss your product or service outright due to possible affiliations. On the other side of the coin, use possible political affiliations and geographic knowledge to deliver your ad to an audience already “on your side.”


Above all, take advantage of the geo-information as it’s made available to you. Even if you don’t have any geographic data from past campaigns, it’s never too late to start building your data! On your next campaign, ask for geographic data and analyze it alongside other points of interest.

Geo-targeting isn’t a small aspect of making sure you reach the right clients or prospects. It can be as important as knowing your audience’s age, race and income, and it may help you in finding that information, as well. It lets you email to homes and neighborhoods, not just regions. It’s advertising to people, not just cities.

The micro-targeting levels let you go from a fish net of advertising–casting wide and recklessly–to a precise scalpel in steady hands, never straying from exactly where it needs to be.

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