Holiday Marketing Campaigns that Inspire and…Sell!

Holiday Marketing Campaigns that Inspire and…Sell!

The best marketing brains match their campaigns to the rhythm of the year. The holidays therefore become a great time to celebrate the spirit of joy and giving. Here are some creative campaigns that have created extraordinary vibes!

Holiday Gifting Ideas

WeWork is a US-based organization with a global presence that provides “collaborative workspaces” and services to entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups. In an effort to reach out to the community it supports, WeWork has created a holiday campaign that is doing the rounds on social media. A gift guide for the holidays listing member products that is catching on:

We’re doing holiday shopping differently this year. Check out the #wwgiftguide for some favorite member products:

Marketing—all about trust

When Recreational Equipment, Inc. [REI] came up with their #OptOutside campaigns calling on consumers to explore the outdoors, they were certainly hoping to sell their products. However, what makes their campaign most convincing is that they were doing what they loved most and knew well. As they say on their website: “We love to get outside and play, and we know first-hand the importance of quality outdoor gear.”

The quality that makes this campaign stand out is the thrust on spending time outdoors instead of shopping for Black Friday sales. Although it seems to go against traditional marketing practices, the campaign gets REI’s products into focus.

Recreating Tradition

The National Park Foundation caught the #OptOutside wave and added #FindYourPark to it. The thrust of this campaign is to Create New Holiday Traditions by exploring the great outdoors. Again, there is a daring movement away from the traditional holiday around the home with families converging. The call is to create new memories and recreate traditions while exploring the National Parks. The best part of the campaign is perhaps the sharing of experience by those who have chosen paths less trodden.

Holiday Sharing

The holidays also remind us to count our blessings, share our happiness and give away to those in need. Getting involved in the community is one of Stirista’s core values. Every year Stirista donates to a local charity. This year the donation went to the Open Arms Childrens Ranch, a children’s shelter in the San Antonio area.

Though it may be too late to start a new holiday marketing campaign, there is always time to donate. And at Stirista, we like to think that captures the holiday spirit better than any marketing strategy.

Happy Holidays!


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