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How to Better Target Your Emails to Customers

Possessing a customer’s email address is insufficient by itself to be considered a great advantage in your marketing activities. By using professional email append services where emails and other behavioral data are added to the contact database, you will know more about your potential customer and can market better to their needs.

Your Data Is Often a Starting Point

Most companies believe they have sufficient data about their customers. However, the truth is that many businesses operate with incomplete customer databases. People change their email address all the time. How are you sure you have their most current email? This is where email appending comes to light.

Also, sophisticated data providers can also go beyond providing your customers current emails. They help businesses understand their customers better by appending other behavioral and lifestyle data, thereby enriching their data for more advanced advertising. This helps marketers target email campaigns based on things that matter to them.

For example, marketers can now include multi-channel marketing, giving you the opportunity to complete sales opportunities in other online marketing channels.

Stirista’s email append services can turn what was a mere contact list into a full customer profile that can be used in both digital and traditional communications.

Your marketing activities will be better served by using healthier quality data to increase sales and boost your bottom line.

By reducing stilted introductions and sending emails to individuals, you can capture their attention at an earlier stage and keep them interested through the completion of your message.

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