Increase Onboarding Match Rates with Linked B2B Data

It’s never fun putting valuable resources into compiling the perfect B2B data set only to see it translate to low match rates when you onboard for digital advertising. Yet it has become part of the daily grind for B2B marketers, lowering ROI’s and holding back digital campaigns. It doesn’t have to stay that way. In this blog, we will explore new solutions that are helping B2B marketers create more complete audiences for digital targeting and social media advertising.

What’s behind low B2B match rates?

When most people do the kinds of things online data companies track, they use their personal emails. That means data companies often end up with two separate profiles for the same person: one that keeps track of his or her B2C information and one that keeps track of his or her B2B information. The problem is that most companies have no way of connecting that person’s B2B profile to his or her B2C profile. Similarly, many companies use innovative tools that track people’s social media activities without knowing which B2B and B2C profiles to which that social data corresponds.

The problem manifests when you onboard or create custom audiences with that data. DMP’s generally match B2C emails at a higher rate than B2B emails, so traditionally siloed datasets lead to smaller audiences. And because the most people use their personal emails to create social accounts, the problem is even worse when marketers create custom B2B audiences on social platforms.

How can I improve match rates?

The future of B2B onboarding and custom audience creation lies in linking B2B, B2C, and social data. Linkages work by finding the corresponding B2C emails and social handles for the prospects on B2B lists, transforming previously siloed datasets into complete databases.

Since linked profiles give DMP’s and social platforms the personal emails and social handles for your B2B prospects, these new profiles dramatically increase match rates. As a result, you can target more prospects with better accuracy. Our own linkage product, StiristaLINK, has boosted match rates by 27% and expanded cookie reaches by 45%.


One of the difficulties of being a digital marketer is that you must constantly prove that you are bringing in prospects and boosting sales. Any advantage could be the difference between meeting your goals or not. The onboarding process is the perfect place to find it. By adopting new linkage solutions, you can make sure you are leaving nothing on the table when you onboard or create custom audiences.


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