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Get on Track with Onboarding – The Case for Uploading Audiences for Targeting

Yesterday, analysts came out to say that Facebook may be misleading about its audience sizes. It turns out, Facebook’s advertised targeting numbers are higher than those in the US census. Much higher in some instances–Facebook has records for 25 million more US adults under 35 than were actually counted in the census. Too often, companies from Fortune 1000 to “mom and pop” shops are forced to rely on 3rd party data for online targeting. Sometimes contextual, sometimes based on inferred “intention,” this data comes with little validity beyond possible results from a campaign.

The results must work though, right? Online advertisements, especially in search and social settings, are still the strongest channels for responses. When paired with broad display ads for branding and intelligent remarketing setups, companies can see astounding ROI results. This does not mean you should settle for misleading data, however. It’s still up to every marketer to make sure their targeting points are checked and verified.

Therein lies the problem.

Facebook does not give their exact profiles out, and won’t even give the sources beyond a reference. Looking for newly-engaged couples? Your best hope is that page “likes” accurately indicate intent. Or you can take a stronger route: Onboarding verified audiences.

Onboarded audiences are as old as the online ads that serve to them. It’s a simple process that anyone can and should, take advantage of. After getting records from a trusted source, you can upload them directly to the Facebook audience platform and immediately use them to target in a campaign. While you’re at it, why not A/B test against one of Facebook’s sources, as well? You can rely on the page “likes” for the soon-to-be-married, for example, or you can test against real records.

One advantage of getting your records from a trustworthy data company is that you know you will be targeting real people, with real phone numbers and addresses. Facebook’s data is certainly effective, but it’s difficult to verify the authenticity of each record. Despite Facebook’s best efforts, people can still create fake accounts.

We handle all of our campaigns with internal data. A major benefit to being an “all-in-one” agency, we can speak firsthand to how fluid it is to set up an audience and execute a campaign against it. Those newly-engaged couples aren’t just page-liked profiles–they’re from real-world sources. You get the additional benefit of being able to customize the audience beyond what Facebook has decided on.

Buy the records directly for your own onboarding use, or discover our turn-key services that can handle the whole campaign. Stirista’s records are used across a wide spectrum of clients, from the multi-billion dollar revenue corporations, to the city-based franchises.

If you are planning your next campaign, contact us to find out why onboarding records to target is the next step to take.

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