Reviewing 2016—a Special Year at Stirista

As the year ends, we would like to look back on some of the events that defined 2016 at Stirista. Here is a quick look back at what made 2016 a special year for us.

Political Reports

Social media played an extraordinary role in this year’s presidential campaigns, and we were excited to use our experience in social data to shed some light on it. We analyzed Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s Twitter followers across two separate studies, which got attention from publications such as Politico and the Wall Street Journal. In the first, we found that the people following Clinton and Trump were remarkably similar, and in the second we found that despite having far fewer followers, Clinton had more influence across social media as a whole.

New Products

This year, we saw personalization continue to lead as one of the most important trends in marketing. Some of our newest offerings aim to fill some big personalization gaps in the data industry.

The first is StiristaLINK, a product that connects our B2B and B2C databases. When people do the things data companies track, such as browsing the internet or using social media, they normally use their personal accounts. As a result, most databases have two separate records for people—one for the things they do while they are using their personal accounts and another for their business activities. StiristaLINK connects the two, giving you the flexibility to reach your B2B prospects at home or your B2C prospects at work.

Our other new data offering is a set of new mover, pre-mover, and new business data. These data sets will enable you to reach people right when they need the many products and services that come with moving or starting a business. With weekly updates available, the data sets are part of our growing selection of life-event triggers, a collection of precise data sets that help you gain a complete view of the major events that define your customers’ buying decisions.

Our last big product for 2016 is Stirista Scout, an online tool that uses our B2B database to help salespeople find the direct contact information for their LinkedIn prospects. One of our favorite things about Scout is its accessibility to individual salespeople. Many of our products are geared towards the enterprise level. While Scout does offer high-volume pricing for businesses, we also offer packages that will be affordable for individuals.

Looking Ahead to 2017

Now that we’ve looked back at 2016, we would love to stay in touch during 2017. If you would like to hear from us, please click here and fill out the “Don’t Miss Out” form at the bottom of the page to receive our monthly newsletter (we promise we won’t send anything annoying).

We hope you had a good year, and here’s to a great 2017!


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