Stirista Announces Expanded Partnership with LiveRamp

New program offers Stirista’s data and reach for companies seeking to expand into digital

Stirista is proud to announce its expanded partnership with LiveRamp, as part of Stirista’s Fusion program to bring best-of-breed data providers into a marketplace for buyers.

Who Benefits?

  • Existing LiveRamp clients not currently in its Data Store.
  • Those who have struggled to find success in digital monetization due to the complexity of building the taxonomy, as well as going to various platforms and marketplaces.
  • Those with unique data assets that Stirista and LiveRamp could help monetize.

Ideal clients are those who currently do not utilize LiveRamp or those that do not want to dedicate resources towards monetization and instead prefer to use a hands-off approach.

As part of this partnership, several well-known industry leaders will be among the first to benefit from Stirista’s expertise, linkage capabilities, and expanded reach.

“I’m excited to see the opportunities for greater outreach that participants will experience as a result of this partnership. I’m confident that it will add value by offering them optimal reach with successful digital distribution as part of their omnichannel marketing arsenal,” says Blaine Britten, Stirista’s VP of Digital Marketing. “Advertisers will be able to leverage a more well-rounded view of their customers via the multidimensional online and offline behaviors resulting from this program.”

Stirista is a trusted source for companies seeking solutions to their most difficult data and marketing challenges. Many data providers deliver different or specialized kinds of data but focus on elements outside of the digital space.

This partnership will allow participants to increase their reach and engage with high-value audience targets, both at work and home, with personalized, relevant omnichannel messaging.


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