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Stirista Announces Partnership with adsquare

Data partnership to help advertisers reach customers with relevant, omnichannel messaging.

San Antonio-based Stirista has partnered with adsquarea mobile-first, real-time data exchange company based in Berlin, Germany – to enhance adsquare’s Audience Management Platform for audience targeting.

Using Stirista’s household data gathered from online and offline sources, including first- and third-party data, brands will be able to leverage a more well-rounded view of their customers via their multidimensional online and offline behaviors.

This partnership will also allow advertisers increased reach across B2B2C data to engage high-value business targets at work and at home with personalized, relevant omnichannel messaging.

Custom segments will be available and newly acquired social-driven intent segments will allow advertisers to tap into brand loyalists as well as offer competitive conquesting opportunities. Stirista social data will also allow for cross-selling across channels.  

The adsquare partnership allows for the introduction of Stirista data on a broader scale to advertisers who know and trust adsquare. Its marketplace is neutral and transparent, allowing advertisers the ability to make clear planning decisions. Plus, adsquare is integrated with the world’s leading buying platforms, granting advertisers full control over leveraging millions of data points for an effective targeting and relevant mobile advertising experience.

“We are excited to integrate our audience data into the adsquare marketplace to allow advertisers a greater precision in their audience selection,” says Stirista founder and CEO, Ajay Gupta. “I am confident that the transparency for which adsquare is well known will allow data buyers the ability to make informed decisions that will drive positive results.”

About Stirista

Stirista is an award-winning digital marketing agency, specializing in targeted audience data, email marketing and programmatic 1:1 digital display advertising. Our real-time, comprehensive B2B and B2C databases, consisting of more than 360 segmentation options, can put a company’s message in front of its targeted audience where they live, learn and shop. Stirista’s omnichannel marketing can lead companies to realize increases where they matter most: in conversions, leads as well as overall growth.

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About adsquare

adsquare is the Real-Time Data Exchange that gives advertisers access to accurate data at scale, enabling more relevant campaigns based on audiences and their context. The platform puts data at the heart of your campaign and makes it actionable for more effective targeting, measurement and insights. Advertisers can take control via the self-service Audience Management Platform which gives them full transparency when buying data, creating segments and activating them to their programmatic platform of choice. It has been built mobile-first and its proprietary location data intelligence makes real-world movement data available for digital advertising. Via its open and private marketplaces, adsquare offers a broad portfolio of data from mobile, online and offline sources, including location behavior, app usage, demographics, affinities and interests. For validated data at scale, buyers can leverage the adsquare Data Alliance, which aggregates deterministic data from app publishers, eCommerce and telcos combined with validated third-party segments. adsquare complies with strict European privacy laws, protects data ownership, and offers a secure environment for data sellers and buyers.

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