targeting hr decsion makers

Targeting HR Decision Makers? Get Higher Response Rates with Scout

Clean, triple-verified, real-time data can make all the difference.

You’re reaching out to your prospects –  HR departments and companies’ employee benefits decision makers –  but do you know exactly whom you’re contacting? Is the professional contact information in your files correct and up-to-date?  How do you know? Having clean, verifiable data, including email addresses, can make a huge difference in response rates that are just so-so and those that are quantifiably higher.

Did you know that up to 30 percent of email addresses decay in any given year? When you’re targeting prospects, these dead ends can be understandably frustrating, especially when you realize that cost and competition are already swaying customers’ decisions. Fortunately, among Stirista’s many offerings include email verification and hygiene services to keep your in-house email addresses fresh and up-to-date.

But, what if you’re searching for new prospects? Scout is a software plug-in that delivers access to Stirista’s real-time database containing 30 million B2B contacts – email, telephone and postal data – alongside LinkedIn and Twitter profiles of customers and prospects.  Scout is designed to help both sales and marketing professionals capitalize on the insight-rich details contained in these profiles to help you create meaningful and authentic dialogue in your outreach efforts.

Why Scout?

With Scout, you’ll receive:

  • Triple-verified* email, phone and mail data from Stirista’s proprietary and licensed sources, tapping into more than 30 million B2B contacts (primarily, United States);
  • Daily reporting tools, so Scout users easily can access the most recent, immediate social media postings of customers and prospects –as well as competitive and partner intelligence; and,
  • As a data-as-a-service, pay-as-you-go tool, Scout users only pay for contact data that is triple-verified* and carries the “green” triple-verified indicator. Figure 1.

targeting hr decision makers using scout
Figure 1:  Scout users also have access to triple-verified email, telephone and postal information on customer and prospect LinkedIn and Twitter profiles which can be assembled into in-house sales and marketing lists.

Don’t Waste Money on Guessing Games

Here’s the bottom line: We all know that in business, time is money. Scout can give you back more time (and make better use of it) as it helps you better and more accurately target your prospects. With Scout, you pay only for contacts that are triple-verified* through our system. Don’t wait – take advantage of a FREE trial subscription TODAY!

All you need to get started is a LinkedIn account, Google Chrome, and the Scout Extension.

For more information on Scout from Stirista, including how you can get your FREE trial subscription (which includes 25 triple-verified contacts), visit or contact me today to get started!

*Triple-verified means that the data was run through three thorough processes:  An SMTP check, an MX lookup and a correction of syntax errors. 

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