Team Stirista: Jane Alvarez-Hernandez

This month’s Team Stirista profile features Content Writer Jane Alvarez-Hernandez. Let’s learn more about her.

Tell us about your overall responsibilities at Stirista and what you do on an average workday.

I am Stirista’s first full-time, in-house Marketing Content Writer,  hired in November 2017. My daily responsibilities when I first began was to work on content for blogs, email and digital campaigns, brochures, helping our knowledgeable sales team with their prospecting efforts, and more.  Planning and writing content for Stirisita’s social channels came later. 

Since then, with the addition of new marketing team members to help with content, my job has evolved to also include PR – pitching relevant stories about Stirista to the media, including promoting some great awards our team has won (Ad Age Best Places to Work and others) as well as submitting Stirista, our leadership team, including co-founder and  CEO Ajay Gupta, for relevant industry awards. 

What do you like best about working at Stirista?

Even though the company has grown since I’ve been here, everyone works well together and collaborates on projects.  Taco Fridays, a fully stocked office bar, Wine Wednesdays, occasional potlucks, team events/trips and more are just some of the fun perks!

What excites you most about your job?

As a writer, I have a natural curiosity about everything! I love working on new projects, especially those that stretch my skills. I’m also a natural introvert, so my job frequently takes me out of my comfort zone. I’m always reaching out, talking to people, and learning new things (although I’m no expert, I think I know enough about data to take part in an intelligent conversation about it), and asking questions, if needed. I still get a thrill when I’m notified that Stirista or Ajay has won an industry award that I submitted!

Tell us about your background. What did you do before coming to Stirista?

Before Stirista, I worked at Mary Kay Inc.’s corporate headquarters in Dallas for more than 23 years. I had so many great experiences there, which included writing/editing several company online and print publications; writing for company executives and leading teams for special company events at venues across the U.S.  

Tell us something we don’t know about you or something that others might be surprised to learn.

Most people at Stirista don’t know that one of the roles I had at Mary Kay Inc. (MKI) early in my career there was as a member of founder Mary Kay Ash’s personal support staff in the late 1990s. 

I handled letters, emails and other correspondence addressed to her.  And, I guided tours through Mary Kay’s lush, pink executive office suite! I witnessed how much people absolutely loved her; many times, they would literally break down and cry in her presence. Mary Kay taught me by her wonderful example – one of the greatest life lessons early on – of always being gracious under pressure and treating each person you meet as if they had a sign around their neck that says, ‘Make me feel important.’ This was something very personal and important to her that I carry with me to this day. 

When Mary Kay passed away on Thanksgiving Day 2001, her support staff was disbanded shortly after, and my career there took a different trajectory as I joined one of MKI’s  communications teams! 

To this day, I’m still close with many former MKI colleagues,  including her personal assistant, personal protection/bodyguard, correspondents and other friends from across  all areas and levels of the company. Oh, and I’ve also ridden in one of Mary Kay’s personal pink Cadillacs!

What advice would you give to someone interested in your job?

For any  job, it’s important to always be open to learning new things and sharpening your skills, which can mean saying “yes” to every new opportunity that comes your way. In today’s world, “standing still is the same as moving backwards,” as my former employer and mentor, Mary Kay Ash, used to say.

When I first came to Stirista, my previous experience was in communicating about cosmetics! I knew very little (if anything) about data)! I’m grateful to Ajay and everyone on the team, who give me the opportunity to learn and grow. Since joining Stirista, I took it upon myself to learn about SEO (search engine optimization) and planning content for Stirista’s social media platforms, both of which were new to me. Also, don’t be afraid (or too shy) to ask questions.

As the marketing department has grown and diversified, Stirista’s marketing director gave me options as to projects from which to pick. One of the things I love best is promoting Stirista’s strengths to members of the media, and submitting the company and members of its wonderful leadership team for industry awards and recognition!

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