Team Stirista: Jason Layton

This month’s Team Stirista blog features Jason Layton, our talented Graphic Design Intern. Let’s learn more about him.

Tell us about your overall responsibilities at Stirista and what you do in an average workday.

As a graphic design intern, my responsibilities are assisting the marketing team in creating internal collateral under the direction of the graphic design manager. I help in designing internal brochures, presentations, marketing collateral for events, etc. In addition, I also assist with client projects, which include designing emails and digital ads.

What do you like best about working at Stirista?

I love the company culture of Stirista. Everyone works well together and collaborates on projects often. The Stirista team is very close and willing to help each other to ensure the overall success of the company.

What excites you most about your job?

What I love about my role is the opportunity to showcase my skills as well as getting the chance to work on new projects I may not have done before. I’m continuing to learn and grow as a designer and educating myself in the world of data marketing. 

Tell us about your background. What did you do before coming to Stirista?

I have my A.A.S. in graphic design from the International Academy of Design and Technology. I am currently finishing my B.A. in graphic design from the Academy of Art University. For the last five years, I’ve been freelancing with various local clients on small projects. I also create my own designs of digital prints and accessories for local art shows.

Additionally, before Stirista, I held a career in retail management. I mostly worked for smaller boutique companies where I helped to manage the business at the store level. Some of my duties included assisting clients, inventory control, website maintenance, social media management, visual merchandising, and business operations. 

Tell us something we don’t know about you or something that others might be surprised to learn.

Something people might be surprised to learn about me is I’m a bit of a history buff. I love doing research and reading about historical facts. My friends say it’s because I’m a chismoso (gossip).

I’m also a fashion enthusiast. I have a very androgynous personal style and like to experiment with my wardrobe. I follow several fashion blogs and influencers for inspiration and integrate these ideas into my personal style. Designer handbags are my weakness.

What advice would you give to someone interested in your job?

I read somewhere, “Create something every day, even if it su¢ks.” These are words every designer needs to live by. Practice truly makes perfect, and being in a field that is continually evolving; you have to continue to perfect your skills. 

As an intern, it is essential to take the initiative. The point of an internship is to learn, so pay attention to every detail and every aspect of the business, even if it does not pertain to your primary role. There is always something new to learn. It’s important to be like a sponge and absorb everything you can.

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