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Team Stirista: Vinnie Lapsley

Our monthly “Team Stirista” spotlight features Vin (Vinnie) Lapsley, Stirista’s marketing intern. Vin aptly juggles his role in marketing editing blog posts while also working behind the scenes with the accounting department – paying invoices, writing checks and overseeing other accounting tasks. Let’s learn more about Vinnie.

1.) Tell us more about your responsibilities and tasks, and what your average workday looks like.

I help with writing for the marketing department, as well as invoicing and performing other tasks within accounting. A lot of my priority tasks are actually focused in accounting right now: I take care of invoicing clients, writing checks, checking and sorting mail, as well as having Ajay (CEO) write and sign checks.

That’s what an average day looks like, but then there are other days where I file papers and work on any kind of marketing assignments that come up. Right now, I’m editing blogs for the PR section of the newsletter. I also help with any video production: directing, pre-production, production and post-production.

2.) What do you like best about working at Stirista?

What I really like about Stirista is that I’m allowed to be very versatile with my work here.

For example, they could tell that I was really good with numbers and sorting out things, so I was assigned to work in the accounting department. They also know that I’m good at video production, that’s one of my big passions, and they let me participate in those assignments as well. Writing, occasional small design work and the few times I got to do illustration work, which was actually one of my first projects. So, it’s cool that I can be versatile and show off that I can do many different things is what I like best about Stirista.  

3.) What sparked your curiosity about this position?

Arlene (Senior Graphic Designer) was working at Target with me and she was talking about her work in graphic design. It just sounded really neat and she was talked about what everyone does here, which sounded like something I’d wanted to be into.

I used to watch this cartoon “Mission Hill” and the character was a cartoonist who ends up getting hired as an artist at an ad agency. He was around my age, too, so when I was a teenager I would say, ‘When I’m around his age, I’m going to work at an ad agency and do the same thing.’ When I ended up getting hired at an ad agency a year younger than the character was, I was like ‘yes, goal achieved!’

4.) What excites you most about what you do?

It’s cool getting new accounting work because I forgot how much I liked working with numbers. The work is really intricate — trying to figure out and put numbers together; matching one thing to another. It’s like a puzzle, problem-solving, in a way. I like that role a lot, and then also video production, which is just a general passion of mine. So getting to be picky about film is also fun.

5.) What did you do before coming to Stirista?

I worked at Target right before Stirista. Before that, I worked at a university enrollment center office and at Cinemark in the Rio Grande Valley. I was a student working odd jobs while doing freelance cartooning and illustration on the side.

6.) Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I have over twenty cosplays for one specific anime. That is my interest outside of work; costuming, puppetry and learning how to make all that fun stuff.

7.) What advice would you give to those who are interested in doing what you do?

Keep an open-mind and have a very logical approach to creativity is the best way to go about any of the things I do.

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