Case Study / Agency

Stirista’s CTV Ads Earn a $5.71 ROAS

A gourmet food delivery company needed a way to profitably acquire new customers outside of traditional paid search and direct mail tactics. They turned to Stirista to drive measurable revenue and decrease their ROAS.




With clear goals in place, Stirista worked with the food company to analyze their first-party data and create a custom targeting strategy 

for their high-price tag category, including using Stirista’s proprietary lookalike audience modeling. 


Since this new customer acquisition campaign used a promotional code, successfully suppressing existing customers from the campaign was an important part of preventing unprofitable discounting. In service of that, Stirista onboarded their customer file using our cookieless OMNA identity graph, to suppress 

existing customers at scale and protect the brand’s average order size. To truly convey the mouth-watering deliciousness of their food and create strong desire in the target audience, Stirista reached those high-value prospects with :30 and :60 second Connected TV (CTV) ads that included strong calls to action.


Using Stirista’s Visitor ID Graph (VIG) website tag, we performed View-Through Attribution reporting that matched website visits and purchases to campaign impressions. This visibility gave the brand the ability to understand the impact of their campaign on bottom-funnel business results. 

Additionally, it also gave Stirista’s media team the granular view of what tactics were driving the most efficient conversions, the ability to optimize campaign spend, and ultimately maximize performance and achieve a $5.71 ROAS.