Brands and marketers are constantly up against the fact that most data is outdated, that most data sources are inaccurate and that when you combine those two challenges, campaigns will often fail to measure up to the results they were expecting. Furthermore, there is the discrepancy between 1st and 2nd party data vs 3rd party data. To market effectively, you need comprehensive audience intelligence that updates in real-time.

We like to say that “Identity is our Identity”. But our core, the engine that it all runs off of, is OMNA, our Identity Graph. OMNA is powered by the strongest real-time data backbone in the industry and comprises several component graphs – including device, viewership and location – to paint a more comprehensive audience profile.

Recently a large retail brand engaged us, looking to utilize their 1st-party data to expand their reach, specifically, across CTV. The emergence of CTV advertising is not surprising. As more and more people adopt streaming as their primary viewing preference, the more opportunity and challenges CTV presents. IP isn’t enough so it was imperative to utilize other avenues. Additionally, our retail client needed  to be able to measure each campaign’s effectiveness, and optimize quickly, for the best possible results with the fewest wasted impressions. Unfortunately they lacked the total view of the intended audience segments needed to get where they wanted to be.

We worked with them to better leverage OMNA’s aforementioned component graphs to create a more complete and accurate prospect profile to target and to get more value from their rich 1st party data. With access to over 120MM US households, we were able to provide the extended reach they needed to power more effective CTV campaigns.

We performed a simple hygiene sweep of their databases, which enabled us to promote client-based engagement, produce fewer bounce backs, and save them valuable time internally that is often spent validating contact data. This also made it much easier to track IP addresses from the agency’s 1st Party data and append them with the physical addresses and emails to the agency’s database.  The final step was to group all devices used in the same household and create a more complete consumer identity.

As a result, we were able to help them find hard-to-reach audiences absent from their 1st party data, but reachable by creating lookalike identities found in the Stirista Data Spine.

And while there is no doubt that Identity is our Identity, it’s also increasingly a critical component of campaign success for our clients.