• Advertising Agencies

    Stirista partners with advertising agencies to seamlessly integrate email and database solutions into current offerings. Our agency partners experience revenue growth and greater customer retention by offering an additional channel solution without making investments in internal resource development.

  • IT

    Stirista’s IT clients include companies like Citrix. We help companies access key decision makers for business to business marketing. Our specialized email marketing knowledge partnered with our superior data has led to the tremendous success for our IT clients, resulting in a larger sales pipeline.

  • Retail

    Stirista can reach over 100 million American households for B2C marketing. We have worked with some of the largest retailers in the industry, including brands such as Hyatt, Best Buy, and T-Mobile.

  • Political

    Stirista’s political clients have included US senators, governors, and political interest groups such as the Arizona Medical Marijuana Policy Project. For these clients Stirista offers micro-targeted data with 360+ attributes as well as voter files appended with email for multichannel marketing.

  • Educational

    St. Mary’s University and George Washington University are among Stirista’s many educational clients. With an increasingly competitive higher education market, universities and colleges that work with Stirista gain an edge with smart data to target consumers and deploy effective, personalized emails.

  • Digital Partners

    Stirista’s digital partners include MediaMath and The Tradedesk. With over 250 million triple-verified records and over 400 filters, our data has the scale and accuracy to power the most successful digital campaigns.