• Ajay Gupta

    Chief Executive Officer

    At fourteen, Ajay made his first foray into the entrepreneurial world, publishing one of the first wrestling newsletters on the web. Armed with rudimentary SEO skills and a sharp pen, the newsletter grew to over 50,000 subscribers by the time the publication was sold in 2002 when Ajay was a college freshman. Most importantly, Ajay realized the ease with which communication could be carried out via e-mail. A decade later, after an eclectic mix of degrees in Financial Economics, Creative Writing, and Mathematics from St. Lawrence University (BA) and Texas State University (MFA), Ajay started Stirista. The rest is history. Ajay is also an avid sports enthusiast and participates in the company tennis, soccer, volleyball, and softball teams.

  • Jane Diane Hasse


    Jane has been at Stirista since (almost) the beginning! She has lived and worked all over the world, giving her a unique global perspective on client relationships. Most people don’t know that she earned three Gold Medals and one Silver Medal at the National Veterans Wheelchair Games. Though she no longer needs any assistive devices, Jane still loves working and playing with fellow Wounded Warriors. The water is Jane’s true passion and come autumn you will find her fly fishing in the Adirondack Mountains. Or perhaps just out in a kayak somewhere with her beloved Queensland Red Heeler.

  • David Bailey

    Vice President, Sales

    David graduated from the University of Arkansas with a BA in Political Science. Since June 2013, David has worked with Stirista from Long Island, New York, leading the sales efforts. With experience in graphic design, direct mail, printing, and even acting, David is truly Stirista’s Renaissance man. He has a passion for making connections with people and brings this zeal for life to the table in everything he does.

  • Arin Reyna

    Director, IT Services

    Arin has a BS in Computer Science from the University of Texas at San Antonio. He started at Stirista in August 2013. Arin takes on special projects and campaigns from the more demanding clients, along with overseeing integration of Stirista’s data with other platforms, such as Salesforce. Before his time at Stirista, Arin worked as a .NET developer for a number of years. Arin loves sci-fi and his life was forever changed when Star Wars was re-released in the 90s. Can’t find Arin anywhere at the office? He’s probably outdoors playing a variety of sports or fishing in Corpus Christi. After a long day you’ll find him playing with his goofy (and slightly spoiled) dog, Aspen.

  • Candice Cochran Gupta

    Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

    Candice is a founding partner at Stirista. She designed some of the very first collateral, business cards, and websites at Stirista. She majored in graphic design at Full Sail University. Conference planning is one of her favorite things to do at Stirista. When not at work, she’s usually playing with her one-year-old, Avatar, or reading a book. She’s also a fan of Japanese Chins and thinks very highly of them.

  • Andi Boyd

    Business Development Manager

    Andi joined Stirista in September 2014 and works in business development, focusing on efforts in both sales and marketing. This means she’s either working in lead prospecting, content development, or communicating with clients person-to-person, on social media, or in other online channels. Before working at Stirista, Andi earned her MFA in Creative Writing from Texas State University and spent her time teaching, translating, and traveling the world. She has also worked and volunteered extensively in editing. Andi grew up in Southern Louisiana and contends, even after all of her travels, that it has the best food in the world. Aside from Cajun fare, she also enjoys live music, poetry, and exploratory wandering.

  • Blaine Britten

    Manager, Digital Services

    Blaine graduated from The University of Texas at Austin in 2011 with a BBA in Corporate Finance. With a mind for making sense of data and preemptive problem-solving, Blaine joined Stirista in January of 2015 as a Data Analyst. Prior to joining Stirista, Blaine worked in marketing and sales, creating simple summaries of large quantities of purchasing and sales data. Outside of work, you can find Blaine squaring up for 3s or hitting home runs in “Rec” leagues, cheering on his fantasy teams, and chasing after his newly mobile daughter, Mackenzie.

  • Andrew Castaneda

    Data Analyst

    Andrew joined Stirista In December of 2015, bringing with him over four years of technical and customer support. His ability to think outside of the box and to analyze problems is what motivates him. Aside from his passion of The Legend of Zelda, in his spare time, he enjoys quality time with his family and keeping up with the latest technology advances.

  • Dipankar Dey

    Data Research Analyst

    Dipankar joined Stirista in March 2016 as a data research analyst. He has extensive experience in web research and SEO after working as a freelancer for five years, and he has done freelance work for Stirista since January 2014. In 1997, Dipankar graduated from the University of Chittagong, in Bangladesh, with a Master of Science in statistics. He is also a Silva Graduate. In his free time, Dipankar enjoys traveling and learning about affiliate marketing.

  • Daniel Evans

    System Administrator

    Daniel joined Stirista in February 2014, bringing with him over five years of experience in Information Technology. A jack of all trades, Daniel has touched everything in his field, from server implementation to network troubleshooting. He has a knack for solving problems and will go above and beyond to meet every one of our clients’ needs. Daniel indulges in his love for innovation and technology by building or repairing PCs and reading the latest tech blogs.

  • Olivier Fabre

    Sales Manager

    Olivier joined Stirista in January 2016 as Western region Sales Manager. He is a data marketing professional with 20 years experience in sales and marketing in the U.S . and Europe. Olivier is passionate about helping clients grow revenue with data-driven solutions. He led the targeting group of Advo, and drove Valassis database marketing services to ad agencies, non-profit, finance, retail and services clients. He also brings lead-gen agency experience as well as data segmentation from his time with Acxiom. Olivier resides in southern California with his wife and two sons.

  • Arlene Garza

    Graphic Designer

    Arlene graduated from the Art Institute of San Antonio in 2015 with a BA in Graphic Design. Before joining Stirista in January of 2016, she gained experience while working as a design intern at the San Antonio Zoo. Arlene works on all the current designs for Stirista from ideas to creation. When not at the office she likes spending her time with her family and friends as well as drawing and painting, and her cat.

  • Michael Gremillion

    Digital Analyst

    Born and raised in San Antonio, Michael joined Stirista’s team in 2015. With experience in video production, IT support, and customer relations, Michael works to find solutions to problems before they appear. As Digital Analyst he monitors display and email campaigns, while still finding the time to conduct QA testing and contribute to Stirista's Blog. Outside the office, Michael is often split between his love for competitive video games and hiking through the south Texas hills.

  • Patrick Howard

    Marketing Coordinator

    Patrick joined Stirista as a marketing coordinator in 2016 after graduating from the University of North Texas with degrees in History and Technical Communication. He specializes in content marketing, usability, and writing about himself in the third person. In his free time, Patrick enjoys going camping, spending time with his wife, and doing lazy things.

  • Clayton Magoon

    Partnership Manager

    Clayton graduated from Texas State University in 2012 with a BBA in Marketing. He started at Stirista in July 2015 as a Partnership Manager. Before joining Stirista, he gained experience in customer service, sales and supply chain mapping. Clayton considers himself a movie buff and an avid baseball fan. When he is not cheering on the Houston Astros, he can be found spending quality time with both his family and friends or partaking in local rec leagues.

  • Saurabh Mishra

    Database Architect

    Saurabh joined Stirista in 2010 after graduating from the Institute of Engineering and Technology in Uttar Pradesh, India. As Stirista’s Database Architect, Saurabh is usually the first person to review and standardize data for use by the processing team, creating an impeccable database for our clients. In his time away from the office, Saurabh enjoys hanging out with his friends, watching movies, and exploring new places. A self-proclaimed foodie, you can also find Saurabh trying new cuisine on his travels.

  • Laura Narpaul

    Marketing Manager

    Laura brings over ten years of marketing and media expertise to Stirista. Before joining Stirista she’s held positions including international sales manager, senior project manager, marketing & media director and even owning her own marketing consultation company. Her experience planning and executing high-level marketing strategies is what makes her a great asset to Stirista. Her love of different cultures and travel is what inspired her to earn her BA in Global Studies from the University of Minnesota. When not at the office, Laura loves spending time with her family and is a self proclaimed foodie, always up for a new food adventure.

  • Erika Nelson Reyna

    Account Director

    Erika graduated with a BBA in Accounting from the University of Texas at San Antonio and started as Stirista’s Account Director in June of 2013. Erika keeps Stirista’s books in order and works to keep up with our clients. If you stop by our booth at a conference you probably will run into Erika, who is experienced with customer service. A lover of both animals and the outdoors, you can find Erika playing volleyball, fishing, hiking, or playing with her dogs when she’s not at work.

  • Abhishek Saxena

    Research Analyst

    Abhishek completed his Bachelor’s of Technology from UPTU in 2010. Currently Stirista’s Research Analyst, Abhishek started his professional career doing SEO in 2013. In his work, he loves the challenge of exploring information from different sources. When Abshishek is away from the office, he likes to watch movies and play games. After a long day he also enjoys traditional Indian food and taking long naps.

  • Shikhar Sharma

    Junior Developer

    After working in business intelligence tools, Shikhar joined Stirista’s team in 2015 as Junior Developer in IT Department, with an aim to give new heights to his career. He excels in ASP.Net, SQL Database, jQuery, Javascript and his foremost concern is satisfying clients to the fullest extent. He has a very inquisitive mind and is always eager to learn something new. When Shikhar isn’t working you can find him exploring the outdoors, visiting new places with friends, and curling up with a good book.

  • Abhinav Shukla

    Software Engineer

    Abhinav joined Stirista in 2012 as our mobile programming powerhouse after working at a telemarketing company. He also assists in digital media marketing, testing all creative work and ensuring complete client satisfaction. Abhinav excels in JDK and PHP scripting, which he uses not only at Stirista, but in his daily life. When Abhinav isn’t working you can find him grabbing a pint of beer with his friends and colleagues. Wish him luck because he’s also busy making arrangements for his wedding!

  • Karl Van Delden

    Manager, Deployment and Software Services

    Karl graduated from Texas A&M University in December 2010. A specialist in Information Systems by trade and PC tinkerer by hobby, Karl leverages his experience in business process analysis, coding, project management, agile software development, and technical writing. He coordinates the deployment of marketing campaigns and supports Stirista’s ongoing expansion of new customer interfaces. Born and raised in San Antonio, Karl is an avid appreciator of music, art, sushi, and the outdoors, indulging his wanderlust by swimming, hiking, and scuba diving.

  • Anand Verma

    Senior Web Developer

    Anand graduated from UPTech University in June 2011 and joined Stirista’s team in August 2011. Anand heads the IT development at Stirista, ensuring output quality and consistency. With an expansive experience in CNET MVC, SQL Databases, jQuery, JavaScript, and JSON, Anand is always looking for newer, more efficient tools. Never at rest, he weighs the pros and cons of any solution to supply clients with the best tools possible. When Anand isn’t building software or producing code, he enjoys playing billiards and has recently been trying to get in shape.