• jaba gupta

    Jaba Mukherjee Gupta


    Jaba holds a PhD and a Masters in English. She heads Stirista’s India operations bringing experience to the young team at Bangalore.

    She took over as Director at Stirista Solutions Private Limited, Bangalore in 2016. Prior to this, she was a Professor of Management Communication at a premier Business School in India. A life lived in three continents across the world has helped Jaba feel at ease with most cultures. Having traveled through the US, parts of Africa, Europe and India, she has grown to love the vibrant and tranquil face of nature. Published author, poet and creative writer, when not at work or writing her blogs you will probably find her curled up with a book and a hot cup of tea.

  • nityanand mukherjee

    Nityanand Mukherjee


    Nityanand has been a Director at Stirista Solutions, Bangalore, India since its inception in 2016. He is also a training consultant and works with some of the best organizations in India, assisting them in their people development initiatives. With more than 27 years of experience in the corporate world, he brings with him vast experience in keeping employees productively engaged. When he is not occupied with his diverse activities, Nitya likes to spend time with the team in India, focusing on personality development and keeping them up to date on corporate communication.

    A fitness fanatic and a motor head, in his free time, you'll either find him at the gym or with his family, driving around the countryside!

  • Apoorva Jain

    Digital Marketing Manager

    Apoorva joined Stirista as Digital Marketing Manager in 2019. Although he graduated from a Computer Engineering degree a decade ago, he began his career in the marketing field and has been a marketer ever since. He's an MBA from University of Illinois and has lived in three major metropolitan areas in US including Chicago, San Francisco Bay Area and NYC. He started his career with conglomerates like Godrej and SanDisk, and later worked with startups as a part of their growth team. He also co-founded a startup in his hometown after his return from US. A true Mumbai-ite at heart, it's needless to say he's a big Bollywood and Cricket fan, although he watches mostly Hollywood movies and his favorite sport is Soccer. Apoorva is fueled by his passion for problem solving which, he believes, is the reason behind his determination and success.

  • kiran kumar

    Kiran Kumar

    iOS App Developer

    Kiran joined Stirista in 2017 with an expansive knowledge in Objective-C and Swift coding languages. He holds a Bachelor of Technology degree from Anna University and is responsible for iOS project development at Stirista. He has published several social media and user-friendly apps in the App Store for Finance and Banking domain.

    Apart from programming, Kiran loves to travel and play chess. You will often find him exploring new places and cuisines.

  • Saurabh Mishra

    Saurabh Mishra

    Senior Data Scientist

    Saurabh graduated from the Institute of Engineering and Technology in Uttar Pradesh, India. As Stirista’s Database Architect, Saurabh is usually the first person to review and standardize data for use by the processing team, creating an impeccable database for our clients. In his time away from the office, Saurabh enjoys hanging out with his friends, watching movies, and exploring new places. A self-proclaimed foodie, you can also find Saurabh trying new cuisine on his travels.

  • abhishek saxena

    Abhishek Saxena

    Data Scientist

    Abhishek completed his Bachelor’s of Technology from UPTU in 2010. Currently Stirista’s Research Analyst, Abhishek started his professional career doing SEO in 2013. In his work, he loves the challenge of exploring information from different sources. When Abshishek is away from the office, he likes to watch movies and play games. After a long day he also enjoys traditional Indian food and taking long naps.

  • Saurabh Sethia

    PHP Developer

    Saurabh joined Stirista in September 2020 as a PHP Developer. He has more than 7 years of experience. Before joining Stirista, he worked in start-up companies simplifying complex processes. Saurabh strives to keep himself ahead of the latest updates and advances in technology. When he isn't neck-deep coding, Saurabh he is usually in the kitchen trying out new recipes and eating them. He also loves kickboxing and trekking to parts yet unexplored.

  • Prashobh TK

    .NET Developer

    Prashobh TK joined Stirista in February 2019 as a .NET Developer. He graduated with a Master of Science degree in IT from Kuvempu University in Karnataka, India. Before joining Stirista, he worked with Dell International Services India Pvt. Ltd.

    Prashobh comes to Stirista with more than eight years of experience in development using a variety of platforms, including C# .NET, SQL, jQuery, among others. He has worked on dashboards, vehicle tracking, ERP, sales and product applications, as well as data acquisition applications. Prashobh comes to Stirista with a variety of knowledge and is happy to explore and learn more within the organization.

    In his free time, Prashobh enjoys driving and exploring new places of interest. He loves listening to music and is a foodie. He also enjoys robotics and playing table tennis.

  • Anand Verma

    Manager of Software Engineering

    Anand joined Stirista in July 2020 as the new Manager of Software Engineering. He is a seasoned professional with nine years of enterprise-level software development expertise in Microsoft technology stack, serverless architecture, public cloud solution design, project development, and management. Before joining Stirista, Anand was associated with Huron Consulting Group as a Lead Software Engineer leading highly productive .Net and Salesforce teams.

    Anand graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and has been involved in designing and developing technological solutions ever since. Witnessing the evolution of programming technologies for nearly a decade, Anand constantly strives to stay on top of the latest development trends.

    When Anand is not getting his hands dirty on code, he loves being in the serenity of nature and taking long drives in his car.