Overwhelmed as a Marketer? A Good Data Provider Can Help

Being a marketer is hard work and can feel like a thankless task at times. It’s an amalgamation of problems to solve, decisions to make, things to keep track of. But as a marketer, you can tag in a data provider for help.

In marketing, there are a million moving parts. It might take a long time to set up and transfer data, and there’s the threat of data loss when going from one step to the next, like when you port data from a provider to a DSP. You may also have missing gaps in your data and lose out on personalizing campaigns according to your customers’ interests. You might have decayed data to deal with – that is, data that’s old and has already changed (people moving, new phone #s or email addresses, etc.). There are the worries of future transitions that will quake the marketing game, like the disappearance of cookies, for example. You’re expected to handle multitouch attribution models, worry about privacy compliance, make timeline considerations, and coordinate omnichannel campaigns, all at once.

That’s a lot for a marketing team to worry about. It’s not just data; it’s everything that comes after the data is acquired. The campaign, the solutions, everything. And it can get to be a lot. That’s why the data provider should do their best to ease those problems, and it’s why companies like Stirista strive to relieve some of the burden on the shoulders of marketing teams.

Identity Is Our Identity 

At the center of our approach is our identity graph, OMNA (which updates in real-time and is cookieless), to help you fill in the gaps in your own data.

Companies that aren’t making quality data the basis of their activation approaches are starting themselves off with a disadvantage. With a good foundation like the one OMNA provides, you can build taller and more sophisticated strategies for your marketing campaigns. If you’re in the automobile industry, you can do more with knowing someone’s car model and make than only knowing their email and name, so we do our best to provide you the whole view of a customer, according to what you need.

Clients can also use our online file for filling holes in their existing ID Graph, audience creation, onboarding first-party data, or for attribution and research purposes.

Time Is Money 

We also own our own DSP and ESP, limiting data from falling through the gaps in between vendors or platforms.

Once you have the data, you need to coordinate with a demand side platform to execute campaigns. If a company is onboarding data through another provider and sending it to a DSP, it can take 3-4 days (or more!) to get a campaign live. Because we have our own DSP, AdStir, we can onboard your data in less than 48 hours with 90% deliverability. AdStir reduces a campaign’s “time to live” by days. We can get a surprise order at noon on a Friday, and we’ll have our client out the door on time for the weekend. Whether you’re using Stirista data or onboarding your own, without the need to connect to third party data stores, advertisers save both time and money.

There’s another game-changing advantage to our all-inclusive demand side platform (DSP). The number one issue when multi-sourcing campaigns is the dropoff in match rates, ultimately decreasing the audience. Every time you port data from one vendor or platform to another, there is a match rate, and the unmatched records get “lost.” Too much data loss in your targeting data results in smaller segments that may force you to compromise on how tightly targeted your campaign is. Stirista is the only company that handles each step in building a campaign using the same identity. We also take a multi-ESP approach to our email campaigns, and we’re the only company using email to drive conversions from CTV ads.

Stirista constantly excels at the things that other companies might overlook. The details that can pay dividends in saving time and money.

Through its data and customer-centric approach, Stirista is currently helping numerous Fortune 500 and mid-market brands increase brand loyalty and acquire new customers via digital, email, and social media channels.

We think supporting your marketing with a strong data spine and an in-house DSP and ESP just makes your job easier. And who doesn’t like easier?

* originally published in Advertising Week NY Trends Report, December 2022