Data science? Meet the art of data strategy

We know enough about data science to know that it’s only half of the equation. Knowing where to look for the gaps in your existing data and the best ways to fill them can be an art. That’s where our team of data strategists comes in. Bolstered by our 2021 acquisition of the industry veterans at Venture Development Center, our data strategy team can help you use, collect, and monetize your data in ways your competition didn’t know were possible. 

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Data Sourcing & Analytics

Single out specific assets for your databases – Even ones you didn’t know you needed

You already have snapshots of your customers and prospects’ identities. Our strategists can help you build those into a full-fledged identity graph. From applying insider techniques to boost your match rates to uncovering new ways to inject data into your decision making, our team can improve every aspect of your data methodologies.

  • Get an in-depth audit and analysis of your existing data assets to help you discover gaps, missed opportunities, and lost revenue.
  • Build complete views of customers and prospects by mapping your data to our real-time Identity Graph.
  • Identify hidden gems in your existing customer data and boost campaign results without increasing ad spend.
Best Strategy for Data Sourcing - Stirista

Data Monetization

Transform your existing data into revenue

That data you’ve spent years amassing is far more than fuel for marketing campaigns and decision making. It’s untapped revenue. Data that you may think is unremarkable could fetch big numbers on data marketplaces. On top of that, our Data Transformation Program will enable you to monetize your data through premier digital marketplaces as well. As an Elite LiveRamp® partner, premier data provider, and one of LiveRamp’s first Data Store sellers, we can help you access top digital marketplaces with no learning curve, no upfront costs, and a low barrier of entry.

  • Turn your data into a new revenue stream while complying with privacy regulations.
  • Lower the barrier of entry to premier data marketplaces, both offline and digital.
  • Discover the underlying value in your data assets and find ideal buyers.
Data monetization strategy - Stirista

Data Collection

Robust databases start at collecting the right data

Still sticking to customer email and name? Our strategists can help you expand the data you collect from new and existing customers and optimize your customer data collection across nearly every customer touchpoint, including your app, website, and point-of-sale processing.

  • Gain valuable insights into your existing customer base.
  • Harness the touchpoints you already have to deepen your databases. 
  • Build more accurate customer segments.
Stirista - Data mining strategy that works

Regulatory Compliance

From CCPA to GDPR, our strategists demystify the most complex regulations

Don’t let compliance concerns hamstring your data machine. We will help you execute every step of your data strategy with the confidence that you are in compliance with laws and regulations.

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