5 Digital Marketing Best Practices

Can’t-miss tips for boosting your ROI!

It’s estimated that most Americans are bombarded with between 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day. From small mom and pop shops to huge multinational corporations, it seems that just about every business has gone digital. Messages come at us from every direction — email, digital advertising on social platforms from Facebook to Snapchat; as well as ads on radio, television, online publications and more!

While digital marketing is here to stay, it will certainly continue to evolve. The challenge for consumers will be to filter through the digital clutter. The solution will be for companies to have a compelling message that sticks in the minds of those they’re trying to reach. The information detailed below is designed to help do just that.

Here are 5 Digital Marketing Best Practices:

1.) Audience Targeting

Defining the audience is the first step to successful campaign planning.

  • Where in the sales funnel is the target?
  • What is the goal – to acquire new customers, customer retention or win back former customers?

The messaging itself and the offer will change depending on the targeted audience target. Segmenting the audience correctly makes the messaging more relevant and specific,

2.) Use Clean, Fresh and Accurate Data

A successful data-driven campaign is only as good as the data acquired. In just one year, between 20 and 30 percent of email addresses can wane.

Cleansing data of inaccurate information, including typographical or syntax errors; or adding in other relevant information, such as physical address, phone numbers or social handles, can help make data more precisely targeted and, ultimately, more responsive.  

If a company is unsure about the accuracy or integrity of its data, there are several reputable firms that can perform regular email hygiene and email appends.

3.) Omnichannel Marketing

Get the message out there on a variety of platforms: Social media pages, email campaigns that lead to either content such as landing pages or fill forms to download white papers, case studies or ebooks; as well as targeting/retargeting ads are just the beginning.

4.) Content is King!

Speaking of content, make sure content (no matter the platform) is relevant to the target audience, compelling, easy to read, as well as credible and accurate.  Make content, including email campaigns, websites and landing pages, mobile-enabled also will help outreach efforts reach farther and wider!

A recent study showed that 69 percent of people polled spent their digital media time on their smartphones! It only makes sense (and dollars) to go after consumers where they spend their time.

5.) Measure Performance: Analytics

Data analysis allows companies to see which platforms were successful in getting the targeted message across to consumers, which allows companies to focus their efforts on strategies proven to work.

There are plenty of analytics tools available that can help companies analyze the results of their campaigns in-house. In addition, there are plenty of trusted vendors also whose expertise is on assisting in these efforts, if not handling the entire campaign, from start to finish.

Successful data-driven digital marketing campaigns that blend in compelling creative with a precisely targeted audience (thanks to clean, fresh and correctly targeted data) can result in the perfect trifecta: An increase in sales, as well as ROI; not to mention increased brand awareness.

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