Don’t Let Your Email Lists Decay! Good Email Hygiene Improves Deliverability

Emailing those who are not interested and/or who no longer exist at that address is a waste of your brand’s or B2B company’s time and money. In just one year, 20 to 30 percent of email addresses decay. One of our key services is email hygiene; effectively, this means cleaning your list so that it remains effective and responsive.

As you acquire new subscribers, it is important to engage with them and assess the effectiveness of those communications. When your subscribers show no further interest, they are wasting time and space on your email list.

Keeping subscribers on your email list who have no further interest in your products or services reduces your deliverability rates when you could have better used those expenses to direct your campaign to targeted individuals.

Here is a very creative illustration from of an email hygiene campaign asking customers to update their email preferences.

jetblue email hygiene campaign

Good Email Hygiene Improves Email Deliverability!

Our experience in performing email list hygiene will reduce the number of returns and can increase your deliverability rate. Your email is going to be received, along with your message, by the individual that wishes to receive it. We have the skills and technology to master this important task for you.

Frequent email list hygiene ensures that messages are effective and avoid SPAM traps. We can help you increase engagement rates and ISP effectiveness.

We understand deliverability algorithms and the individual choices between email providers to what they let through and what and why they refuse other emails.

Contact us today if you need email hygiene services and we will help you remove inactive subscribers to boost the profitability of your campaigns.

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