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Marketers agree that in today’s crowded global marketplace, customer-centricity is the key to competitive advantage. That’s why so many companies are trying to improve their customer experience. But customer-centricity shouldn’t begin after a purchase is made. Customer-centricity needs to start before a campaign, by obtaining the data to find and reach an audience who will truly care about your value proposition.

Social data will definitely bring you closer to your customers and deliver better campaign results. Start with your own email lists and add social media handles. Or, start with your Twitter followers and add email addresses to contact them offline. Or build new lists from scratch. Once you have followers, keep them engaged with relevant content and learn from them, increasing customer-centricity.

At Stirista, we are both data-centric and customer-centric. Our world revolves around the 250 million records in our incomparable databases and the amazing things our technology can make it do. But we do it all for you.


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