Stirista Collaborates with Column6 Creating Full-Service Hispanic Audiences CTV Solution

New partnership aims to help marketers better address Spanish-speaking consumers through rapidly growing CTV publishers



Stirista, the leader in data-driven SaaS marketing solutions, today announced a new partnership with Column6, a DigitalReef company that delivers a global advertising management platform built for Connected TV (CTV), creating a full-service Hispanic audiences solution for CTV. Through this partnership, Column6 brings premium CTV inventory access from over 60 Spanish-speaking publishers to Stirista clients and Stirista’s addressable pre-built and custom multicultural audiences help maximize results for marketers without being dependent on cookies.

“We are excited to be teaming up with Column6 to maximize the potential of the rapidly growing CTV advertising ecosystem. By combining precision addressability with measurement and attribution capabilities, CTV becomes an extremely high impact channel to find, reach, and influence priority audiences,” said Stirista Chief Commercial Officer Hamid Qayyum. “This latest solution was forged in line with our core values of maintaining brand safety and fraud prevention at the forefront, while effectively managing ad frequency and providing transparent reporting and attribution specifically for reaching Hispanic and multicultural households.”

Bringing this unique solution to market, Stirista and Column6 are simplifying the CTV advertising ecosystem, giving marketers access to resources that maximize each impression. Stirista will provide hundreds of prebuilt Hispanic audiences from their ONMA identity graph, which connects CTV viewership data across all devices, for a comprehensive perspective of household viewership. These segments are then able to be directly onboarded into Stirsta’s media planning platform, AdStir, eliminating a drop off in match rates and maximizing audience size.

Utilizing Column6’s premium inventory of Spanish-speaking publishers, marketers will be able to deterministically advertise to Hispanic households, maximizing their CTV experience. Stirista’s AdStir also enables CTV-email retargeting and “view through” attribution to reveal the KPI impact of the entire campaign, rounding out the lifecycle of this full-service CTV solution.

“Partnering with Stirista was a great fit for us as we look to optimize ways we can help our partners increase awareness and engagement with specific audiences,” said Joshua Feuer, president, Column6. “We are happy to combine our CTV ad management expertise and premium inventory with Stirista’s data insights to maximize reach to the Hispanic market.”

About Column6

Column6, a DigitalReef company, is a global advertising management platform built for connected TV. The C6 Platform encompasses a fully integrated SSP, Ad Server, Data Enablement and Exchange, all of which are designed for the unique needs of Connected TV apps and the teams that manage their inventory. Column6 provides ad management tools specific to CTV: Unified programmatic and managed demand optimization, audience targeting, real-time reporting, app content flagging, ad podding and frequency/exposure management. The software is paired with a transparent marketplace for demand, producing more informed transactions and improved relationships between buyers and sellers.

Column6 was recently acquired by DigitalReef.


About Stirista

Stirista is a data-driven marketing cloud that combines the power of authoritative identity data with the execution of omnichannel marketing. Through its data and customer-centric approach, Stirista is helping Fortune 500 and mid-market brands increase brand loyalty and acquire new customers. Stirista’s privacy compliant data insights helps clients interact with customers and prospects via digital, email and social channels. For more information, please visit