How Life-Event Trigger Data Can Revolutionize Your Marketing

Picture this: A couple falls in love and gets engaged. Couple then plans a wedding, buys a house, has children, and lives the life of their dreams. Sound familiar? That’s because, in reality, for many, it is still a common order of life events. It also serves as a cue for many brands and their marketing teams.

Life-Event Trigger Data = Right Message at the Right Time

To maximize the results of their marketing efforts, smart brands utilize life-event trigger data to speak to and engage their audience right when they are at the cusp of life events and planning to make big purchases, such as the expenses that come with planning a wedding, the honeymoon, and the events that traditionally follow it.

As a business owner, brand, or marketer, life-events offer great opportunities for launching highly effective marketing campaigns. Such events are among life’s most expensive decisions, and the people making them fall into some of the most lucrative, highest value segments in advertising.

One of the most expensive events are weddings. According to The Knot, the average cost of a wedding in the United States in 2019 was an astounding $33,900, not including the honeymoon. An investment that rivals many luxury car purchases.

Trigger Data Not Limited to the Newly Engaged

Advertising to this segment is not just limited to all things wedding. Think of the potential with everything from registries, for instance. The product advertisement potential goes well beyond venues and hair dressers, and into home goods and gifts for the couple. This is why having access to trigger data of this kind is extremely valuable.

But trigger data goes beyond the wedding. Think of the traditional sequence: engagement, wedding, honeymoon. Then, first-time home buyer, first-time parents, back-to-school, vacations, etc. If you’re opening up a new business, well, that’s another lucrative segment to capture.

Take Your Marketing to the Next Level and Improve Your ROI

Life-event trigger data is taking marketing to the next level by maximizing budgets and improving ROIs by targeting smaller, niche audiences. 

Before life-event trigger data, marketing efforts were less accurate and more expensive than they needed to be. For example, going back to the newly engaged life-event trigger data, special event venue owners can buy a list of prospects who are not only getting married soon, but also fulfill specific characteristics such as location, income, and culture. That data enables venue owners to promote their locations only to the people most likely to be interested in them.

Newly engaged couples are just one category of difficult-to-reach segments that life-event trigger data revolutionizes. If your brand can provide solutions to these customers’ challenges early on, you can build real brand loyalty for life. 

Interested in reaching customers undergoing major life events? Stirista offers a variety of life-event trigger data and can even customize segments to your specifications.  View our Life-Event Trigger Data brochure  or contact us today to get started. 


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