The LiveRamp Data Innovators Program Delivers Powerful Predictive Targeting to Marketers

There’s something special about coming together with another company to offer customers something they can’t get anywhere else. That’s why we jumped at the opportunity to join forces with AnalyticsIQ to become the first, proven custom data partnership in LiveRamp’s Data Innovators program. In addition to paving the way for more joint ventures in the future, these new co-created data segments join a host of Stirista data segments currently available on the LiveRamp IdentityLink Data Store.

Stirista and LiveRamp’s Data Innovators program

Many data providers specialize in certain types of data, and the Data Innovators program offers an unconventional way for us to work with other providers to create new, unique segments. For our initial foray into the program, we started with a combination of our life-event trigger data and our multicultural data.

Stirista’s life-event trigger datasets include people who are undergoing major life events, such as getting married, buying their first home, or starting a business. By combining that with our multicultural data, we have a dataset that gives insight into some of the events that dominate buying habits for prospects, as well as information that contributes to the foundation of their identities.

But income is also a fundamental part of any consumer’s decision-making process. To address that, we joined forces with AnalyticsIQ because of their reputation for highly accurate discretionary income data. We combined their income data with our life-event trigger and multicultural data. The resulting segments give marketers an exceptional look at the factors that influence consumers’ purchase decisions. For example, some of the new audiences we have developed together and are now available include:

  • Affluent, Newly Engaged Couples
  • Working Parent, First-Time Home Buyers
  • New Mom, Discount Designer Shoppers

Stirista’s existing Data Store audiences

The segments we helped create in the Data Innovators program join a growing selection of Stirista data segments on the LiveRamp IdentityLink Data Store, including:

  • B2B data
  • B2C data
  • Political data
  • Life-event trigger data
  • Automotive data
  • Social data

The datasets are available on all platforms integrated with the LiveRamp Data Store. Buyers on Yahoo, AOL, MediaMath, DoubleClick by Google, Adobe and 115 other platforms can access Stirista’s life-event trigger data. “We want to give marketers the best chance to succeed,” said Stirista CEO Ajay Gupta. “Adding our life-event trigger data to the LiveRamp Data Store will enable more marketers to reach their prospects at the right time.”

Luke McGuinness, Head of Data Store at LiveRamp, added, “Marketers are shifting their budgets to people-based marketing and looking for new and unique types of data to create better experiences for consumers and increase the efficacy of their marketing and customer insights. The Data Innovators Program supports this by bringing unique data providers like Stirista and AnalyticsIQ together to build one-of-a-kind audiences that help marketers deliver a great experience via people-based initiatives.”

Giving Marketers Access to Key Targets

Reaching the right audience at the right time is a daily challenge for many marketers, often forcing them to advertise to large, generic audiences and straining marketing budgets. We are confident that our work in the Data Innovators program and our existing offerings in the LiveRamp Data Store will make it easier for marketers to reach accurate groups of prospects, refreshed weekly or monthly, precisely when they need specific products or services.

Beyond the segments that are available on the LiveRamp platforms, Stirista offers custom audience development to ensure that marketers reach the right targets.  Please call 1-866-963-5334 or email, and let us help you with your next campaign.



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