Get better results with the industry's best data.

Powered by OMNA – the industry’s only real-time ID graph – Stirista helps you get better performance by helping you reach the right audience.

Reach the right audience, every time.

Your creative is important. Your media plan is imperative. But reaching the right audience is the most critical component to campaign success. Stirista data is comprised of 1st and second party data and utilizes over 500 attributes for accuracy. We even offer myriad pre-built segments you can pull from. We also feature the most complete multicultural file you can find anywhere.

Discover How OMNA Can Give Your Brand or Agency The Ability To Elevate Your Data With Consumer Intelligence.

Here are just some of the reasons to believe in the power of our offline data:

8 of the 10 largest brand advertisers trust Stirista data to power their campaigns (AT&T, Microsoft, Intuit, Walmart, Disney/ESPN)

B2B to B2C (B2B2C) linking business contacts to home addresses, personal emails, and social handles, expanding the channels available for your campaigns

Delivers a world-class email file with live and historic data collected from a myriad of opt-in websites

Is TruthSet validated, with a #1 rank for multiple attributes including: demographics, multicultural, and auto

The power to get your campaigns off the ground.

We are also the only data company to have both a DSP and an ESP which means not only can we identify the right audience for you – we can onboard that data rapidly and launch your campaigns. Whether you’re running email, social, display, CTV or all of the above, we can deliver for you. And because we leverage deterministic data, your message is also sure to be delivered.

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