Case Study / Retail

Multichannel Campaign Accomplished 41.2% YOY Growth and 16.57% CTR

A large brick-and-mortar retailer wanted to reimagine its data-driven marketing strategies to take advantage of the holiday season and increase its reach and lift to attract new customers.


Year-over-year growth




Campaign Impressions


In an effort to increase their foot traffic and website traffic during the major holiday shopping period, they turned to Stirista for help. The retailer is already a strong advertiser in linear TV and on Social

Media channels, like Instagram and Facebook, but is continuously seeking to drive attributable, incremental sales, while increasing engagement and ROI.


CTV allowed us to increase their reach beyond the traditional linear TV audience by targeting previously untapped cord-cutters in a highly-valued age group. To stay top of mind and increase engagement, we supported CTV activities with display ads and multi-touch email campaigns. Our “Always On” campaigns provided a better chance at hitting engaged, high-quality potential customers. We identified prospects by understanding the company’s buyer personas, onboarding the group’s customer list to validate those personas, and then finally considered how they would manifest in targetable ways.


We then used deceased scrubbing, U.S. Postal information, email validation, DSP, and multicultural and ethnicity segmentation to produce look-alike potential customers. Additionally, we also captured website visitor traffic and foot traffic audiences for nurturing and retargeting purposes. This created a customer targeting segment strategy that could be used in multiple campaigns, such as sending monthly cadence emails with updated website traffic to avoid ad fatigue and spamming. The strategy ultimately achieved high-frequency touches, and kept products and brand awareness top-of-mind for their customer base.



This leading national retail center saw substantial growth in new customers via online and offline purchases during holiday peaks, all attributable to our campaign activities. Through Stirista’s industry-leading Identity Graph and analysis of the retailer’s 1st Party data, we developed a target audience matching the demographics and propensities of the retailer’s best customers, while also excluding existing customers from our advertising.

Thanks to OMNA, AdStir, and the addressable nature of all Stirista channels, Stirista’s targeted campaigns for holiday traffic drove 41.2% YOY growth and a 16.57% CTR.

For client-defined competitor locations, we were also able to demonstrate a greater lift in both foot traffic and search trend activity over the competitor during the campaign’s active period.

Stirista drives incremental business results for both online and offline priorities for retailers, and provides all the benefits of a full-stack data and media measurement system, with the transparency, accountability, and experts that help businesses achieve their goals of finding new customers and retaining current ones.