Our 5 New Year’s Resolutions to Better Serve You!

Here at Stirista, like you, we’re going into the new year with eyes wide open and plan to take the lessons we’ve learned from this past year to make 2021 our best year yet!

And like you, we’re going to make some New Year’s Resolutions – and keep them!

We’re going to use the turn of the calendar to shed our bad habits and cultivate new, creative, and prosperous ones with these  5 New Year’s Resolutions:

1.  Get In Shape

We understand that large percentages of emails die each year due to lack of email health. We’ll rejuvenate our clients’ with our email verification and hygiene service by cleansing their current data of inaccurate information, curating their lists, and leaving them with relevant, responsive emails.

2.  Be More Giving

We’re going to develop more valuable, informative and entertaining content across all of our marketing channels. We will provide our audience with the resources we think they need to succeed, while reminding them how we can be here to support them, in hopes that they come to better know our brand, consider us, and perhaps even refer us.

3.  Spend More Time With Friends

Customer retention will be just as important as acquisition for us in 2021. Partnering with our clients to enhance their current data and help them win by identifying and targeting new customers will receive our laser focus.

While growth will, of course, drive us forward, we will never forget our current clients and will show them the attention and appreciation they deserve.

We’ll spend more time than ever with our clients, learning what’s important to them and what drives them,  so we can be the valued partners they deserve.

4.  Meet New People

Stirista will be more social than ever in 2021. Over 65% of Americans are active on Social Media every day and we want to join you there. Let’s talk business, trade tips, share stories that interest us, and raise each other up by highlighting all of our best performers.

We have information on 75 million American and 150 million international Social Media users, as well as 75 million B2B and 60 million B2C profiles that we can develop rich relationships with.

5.  Be Adventurous

We will be at the forefront of new and emerging technologies and best practices.

Understanding how to better identify, target, and activate customers for our clients.  Utilizing our proprietary product lines and leveraging the most potent platforms and devices available will keep Stirista positioned as an agency that understands contemporary data activation, technology, and design. 

Good luck, and Happy New Year! 


About the author

Dan Opallo, Stirista’s Director of Content and Social Media, is a respected NY based veteran marketing whisperer who over the last 20+ years has spent time on both the agency and client sides helping companies and global brands build highly successful teams, create winning cultures, and launch engaging digital, social media, experiential, and influencer campaigns in the Tech, CPG, Sports, Spirits and Entertainment verticals. In his spare time, Dan enjoys spending time with family, thinking about maybe exercising, playing guitar,...

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