Our Mission

At Stirista, as the year came to a close, we decided to pause for a moment and think about not just who we are now, but, maybe more importantly, who we were and who we will be. As part of this exercise, we vowed to keep it simple, honest, and stay looking optimistically towards the future.  Now, we’d like to share that with you.

When we set up shop in San Antonio in 2009, we were a database marketing company (never call us an agency, Wavecrest hates the word…  forget about the word entirely!). Over the years, we’ve evolved to become a digital marketing, omnichannel marketing, and identity solutions provider that specializes in audience segmentation, email marketing, and programmatic  – driven by our love of data and a desire to put it to use for our clients. We believed our services could help them find new customers by using hyper-accurate identity solutions. Working in this simplified — but passionate — manner enabled our team to quickly grow worldwide.

Data is complex, but we’ll continue to sit at the intersection of offline and digital and make it simple for our partners. We’ll onboard and activate your data efficiently so you can grow relationships with existing customers and find new ones. With the industry’s most complete identity spine, our own DSP, and attribution across the whole marketing funnel we deliver the simplicity and results you expect.

While data stayed at the heart of what we do, we now offer identity solutions as well as cross-channel marketing solutions from email and social to display and CTV, to meet the evolving demands of our increasingly diverse customers. But the way we did it hadn’t changed. Internally, we stayed nimble and quick and valued a ‘team-first’ culture. There is not one employee at Stirista who is not responsible for our growth and success. Each of them is truly an equal contributor to what makes us so special.

Now, we can say with confidence that we’ve built the industry’s leading identity spine, which allows agencies and brands to quickly manage, enrich, onboard, and activate first-party customer data as well as prospect data.

We provide real-time insights on millions of anonymized individuals, based on privacy-compliant mobile and web traffic so brands and agencies alike are free to leverage their message and target their campaigns simply and effectively. And our primary focus remains to help our partners retain customers, target and acquire new ones, and add a level of addressability, insight, and personalization that lets them be highly efficient with their marketing spend across email, social, display, CTV, and the in-store experience.

Lastly, where are we going? At this time next year, or sooner, our goal is for you to think of us as your one-stop-shop, full-service hub. We have built the first platform that can handle your onboarding, media-buying, and attribution requirements. A centralized resource that enriches all of your marketing efforts. We want to use our proprietary technology, AdStir, to make your profiles more complete and addressable, make your targeting more accurate, and make every dollar you spend be instantly more impactful.

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About the author

Dan Opallo, Stirista’s Director of Content and Social Media, is a respected NY based veteran marketing whisperer who over the last 20+ years has spent time on both the agency and client sides helping companies and global brands build highly successful teams, create winning cultures, and launch engaging digital, social media, experiential, and influencer campaigns in the Tech, CPG, Sports, Spirits and Entertainment verticals. In his spare time, Dan enjoys spending time with family, thinking about maybe exercising, playing guitar,...

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